Capuchin Monkeys For Sale

The Capuchin Monkey, Cebus capucinus, is a New World monkey that is found mostly in Brazil but also inhabits other parts of Central and South America. The capuchin are active during the day searching for food up in the trees and only going to the ground for water when needed. At night, they will wedge themselves among the branches to saftely sleep. They do live in large groups up to about 40 members.

Capuchin Monkey

  • Price: 19,900
  • Name: Tom
  • Posted: 05/18/2024
  • Phone: 352 750-5042
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: Florida

"Baby girl capuchin monkey " Looking for a great home! This Sweet baby girl wears Diapers, drinks from a bottle. Starter kit included with Care sheet call 352 750-5042 or email USDA approved Facility in Florida

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Small NC Zoo Downsizing

  • Name: Carly S.
  • Posted: 05/05/2024
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  • Location: North Carolina
  • Website:

We are needing to downsize our small zoo in Western NC due to health concerns in our family. We will only place with experienced caretakers who have the proper knowledge and can provide exceptional care. You should already have adequate enclos...

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Capuchin great with people

  • Price: $10,000.00
  • Name: Danny
  • Posted: 12/13/2023
  • Phone: 5743229025
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  • Location: Indiana

She is fully intact loves people and other animals she has been a pet since the day she was born basically she is diaper trained does well on and off leash just no longer have time for her

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Pet Capuchin

The Capuchin monkey does have a varied coat color among each species. Fur colors are variations of black, brown and creams. The face color is white to pink. Their body length is 12-22 inches long with a tail length just about equaling the body length and will weigh from 3 to 9 pounds. The tail is prehensile so it is used to wrap around branches while they move and jump in the trees. A capuchin can jump to 9 feet high!

What does a Capuchin Monkey Eat?

The diet in their native habitat is a variety of fruits, vegetation, nuts, insects, amphibians, eggs and small birds and mammals. It has also been known that capuchins will go down to the water ways and catch crustaceans which they will crack open the shells using rocks.

Capuchin Pet

Monkeys are not a good pet for many people. One should learn as much as they can along with talking to current monkey owners before bringing one into their home. Also many states do regulate pet monkeys and some ban them altogether. Please check with your local and state to make sure you can have a monkey and if permits are needed. Capuchin monkeys can live up to 50 years old. Something else to consider before purchasing one.

Capuchin monkeys are the most intelligent of New World monkeys. This can make them challenging to keep as a pet. They have to have a lot of enrichment in their lives. Since they are social species, they need a high amount in interaction with their owners or other monkeys.

Caging requirements is the larger the better! Having an outdoor enclosed area is also recommended as so your monkey can get out in the fresh air and enjoy the elements. Some states may have a required caging size that is needed for each monkey so don’t forget to check into that. It is best to provide many toys and enrichment items that are safe for the monkey to play with even when not being watched.

There are a few dry food diets that are made specifically for primates. Mazuri and ZuPreem are 2 most popular brands that are used in zoos across the world. They also sell canned wet food for primates.


  • Darriel S Elliott on December 4
    I am interested in getting a capuchin monkey. I am 57 home all day alone, my wife works gets a little lonely. I am confined to a W/C could he be trained to assist with small tasks. however, I did not see a price I have to ask otherwise I may be wasting your time. Thank You Scott Elliott
  • Shalamar Bates on November 12
    Hi ! I am so interested in becoming a mother to one of these sweet babies. However, I am trying to research the laws in the state I live in. I am getting very different feedback. Can anyone guide me to a site that is truthful, so I can try and purchase a monkey?
  • Mary Carpenter on November 1
    I am considering getting a monkey . My children are grown and I have already mentioned it to my future husband . We agree in getting one I just don't no what kind I want . But it was mentioned in you comments that there alot of work I agree but anything worth having is alot of work. Now all of you out there no that these babies need a home they can't go back to the wild so someone needs to take care of them so why not people putting them into loving homes and making sure there safe and cared for. They didn't ask to be here but we can damn sure take care of them . So I'm going to try to do just that .
  • Lana Childers on July 4
    I am retired, and empty nested. I have the patients as well as the time to care for a monkey, but the selling price is way out of my affordability. I can provide a very clean and good home for a female.
  • Cynthia Newberry on February 20
    I would like would like to buy a monkey that is not so expensive
  • Anonymous on February 16
    I am a animal lover to the core! Heck half the time I love animals more the humans! Take that however you want it won’t bother me at all! I promise y’all that! To my point if somebody wants a monkey…mind your business and they should get a monkey. Like one of the comments I read a few minutes ago on this page saying you don’t see the depression in that baby’s face? No sure don’t Karen…if that’s the case…I guess human babies are depressed when they’re born also cause a human baby surely don’t come out smiling! Matter of a fact if I remember correctly they’re crying when they come in this world and what’s the first thing a human does smacks the baby on the ass to make it cry then take it from the mother!! Just saying if you think those baby monkeys are depressed then human children must be also!! EVERYONE STOP ADOPTING KIDS THEY’RE BETTER OFF WITH THE REAL MOTHER!! That’s exactly the same thing you bitch all day that it’s not but it is you can’t care for one and not the other! You know since on down the line we’re Kin to monkeys!
  • Tonya on January 21
    I grew up with monkeys and have been around them all of my life. I am 52 now. Having a monkey is a full time job just like being a mother to a child
  • Sabrina Lenaghen on January 18
    I’m interested in a Capuchin monkey.
  • Shannon on December 30
    I own a monkey, he is part of our family, he’s an amazing little guy,they are just like having a child,they require just as much time, if you have the time and much love in your heart it’s worth every Penny to give them the best life possible, for the haters out there… it’s not our fault that people breed them and sell them, in many cases getting one might be the better choice for the monkey, every situation is different, many of the breeders love them and care for them very well , some breeders just do it for the money and don’t treat them well so you may be saving one’s life , you just never know ,we live in a crazy world now and many different kinds of people live in it, love them or hate them it’s your choice to BETTER or BITTER!
  • K.k on December 29
    cancer survivor here and I long for a monkey baby. I see many are against the idea but I really want the experience and get very depressed by not having the opportunity. I've adopted children who are all grown now and still want my monkey baby. I won't send money. I'm willing to travel and bring my baby home. No scams please and thank you.
  • Noneya on November 26
    Reading these posts how they want a minke but it’s so expensive or seeing a spider monkey advertised by someone with diamonds all over her fat hands just makes me sick. Don’t you all see the sadness and distress on those newborns? They were ripped from their mothers!! And what do you think the mothers are going through? This is despicable and disgusting. These are not toys or creatures to be owned and dressed in human clothing. Humans are selfish and stupid and it is no wonder why this planet is in such a fragile state. And many of you should learn how to spell or write before you try to raise an intelligent, sensitive creature.
  • Sheryl on November 19
    I think people need to really second guess getting a monkey. Half the world can’t raise a child correctly or walk a dog consistently. Why would they think they can care for a monkey. It’s not a toy and caging it would be cruel.
  • eileen teston on October 28
    How do I go about purchasing a capuchin monkey
  • Walter A Stafford on October 23
    I live in Florence South Carolina and I'm looking to purchase a Baby Capuchin. Can you help?
  • Anonymous on September 20
    The ones that are more or less socialized are they tame like he or she could be treated as a baby would
  • Luis on September 7
    I have a monkey there a lot of work would not recommend it
  • Anonymous on September 5
    I have to make a statement. Owning a monkey is nothing like owning a cat or dog! I saw a comment where a lady asked "what's the least amount you would take I want to buy one for my 11 year old daughter" No... NO you will NOT buy a monkey for a 11 year old! If you don't have experience or the knowledge of caring for one, THEN 👏 DO 👏 BUY👏ONE! PERIOD!!
  • Karaline on April 24
    I want an older capuchin monkey who needs a home but they are so expensive
  • Cynthia on April 22
    I’m look for a monkey
  • Ada Portilla on April 9
    im looking for a baby capuchin monkey but they are so expensive
  • Adrian on October 15
    I really like to have a capuchin monkey it's black but when he was a baby I like to walk and play with him and then I can feed him and pet him I like to go to different places with a monkey so that's how you take care of monkeys