Capybaras For Sale

Capybaras are closely related to the guinea pig and they actually look a lot like them. The biggest difference, however, is that the capybara is much larger. In fact, they are the largest member of the rodent family and can grow as large as 100 pounds. They are native to South America and are a semi-aquatic mammal.

baby capybara

  • Name: Bobby
  • Posted: 02/05/2022
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: Arizona

We have two, sex unknown, 8 week old capybara available. Friendly, parent raised. Keeper interact with them daily. $2,500 each Thanks, Bobby

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Capybaras are grazers and prefer a large, enclosed yard that is safe and has plenty of grass for them to nibble on. Like all rodents, capybaras have teeth that constantly grow so they need to chew on plant material to keep their teeth worn down. Capybaras are also semi-aquatic. They need to swim year round in warm water. Ideally, the capybara habitat should have a swimming area that is as large as possible to give the animal enough space to exercise.

What do Capybara Eat

Capybaras eat about eight pounds of food per day. Grazing on grass that hasn’t been treated with chemicals or fertilizers is a good way to reduce the cost of feeding a capybara, but it shouldn’t be the only food the animal eats. They should also eat fruit, leafy vegetables, hay, and corn. Commercial guinea pig food, in pellet form, can also be fed to a capybara, but it can be costly.

Enrichment for Capybara

Capybaras love companionship and interaction with humans. They can learn simple tricks and master games and toys. They need to chew on sticks or grass to prevent their teeth from growing too long. They also need swimming time. A large swimming pool provides them with exercise and mental stimulation.

Breeding Capybara

Capybara mate year round but there is a spike in mating behavior at the beginning of the rainy season. The gestation period is about 150 days and the females deliver litters of between two to eight babies. Within a few hours of birth, the newborns can stand and walk but they are not weaned until about three months of age. In the wild, capybaras live between eight and ten years. They live longer in captivity.


  • Ethan on May 7
    I want one they are sooooooo cute
  • Anonymous on April 25
    whished the sellers where in Canada i don't want to have to pack in little cutesies in boxes and ship them because it's unethical and babaric! But they are so cute! I just wanna give them a belly rub!
  • Marmoo on April 25
  • Colm on April 23
  • A on April 12
    That looks so cute I want one so much
  • Jelly on April 2
    Super silly cute adorable and awesome!
  • sofia on March 28
    if i had an option,i would be a capybara🤩
  • Natalie on March 21
    Never make permanent decisions on temporary feelings.
  • ale on March 19
    i want a baby capybara
  • Paige on March 16
    I will have a capybara no matter what, End of.
  • caiti on March 14
    im mad at my boyfriend bc he wont buy me a capybara :[
  • nico on March 2
    i want a capybara. i love them. theyre so cute :(
  • faye on February 19
    capybaras are amazing, super smart, and very calm animals- a lot of people would love to have one, however capybaras *actually do need* a pool or water feature, plenty of good food, and one or more other capybaras for sociality needs… or they simply cannot live happily or as long. Please consider this before you get one :))
  • Maxx wright on January 26
    i literally love capys
  • Chessa on January 4
    Sweet beautiful little exquisite creaturez! Such a bond can grow between a rodent and a human, I’ve owned two since beautiful Mother Earth spit me out:)
  • Jesse on January 3
    Capybaras are literally just big guinea pigs
  • ava on December 14
    they are so cute and make me so happy!
  • Tyler on December 9
    i want a capybara
  • Brandon on December 1
    Capy's are the best.
  • Kay on October 27
    I want a capybara so baddd they’re so cute
  • Emily on September 29
    Capybaras are my dream pet. I have always wanted one. They are truly my favorite animal. I already have to guinea pigs but as far as I can say I love capybaras.
  • ethan on September 16
    yesss i love capybaras so cute
  • Santi on June 28
    I don't know what is it about them, but they are really funny looking and i just wanna hug one of them !
  • Andrew Turk on April 9
    The best...most lovable and affectionate animal you could ask for. However if you can't have more than 2 and/or can't provide the proper habitat they require, please don't bother.
  • orlando on March 27
    i have slowly grown a fond appreciation for capybaras recently
  • Cadence on March 17
    These are so adorable and would love to adopt one little baby!
  • Winna on February 3
    Capybaras are a very large rat, and I LOVE rats! I'd love to one day have them but I'll stick w my rats for now.
  • Nick Proto on November 24
    Capybaras are great
  • Charlotte capybara cooksey ( aka baby giraffe ) on November 24
    i love capy capy's they're the cutest animals in the world!!! :) <3
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    capybaras are the best im getting one one day
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    i love capybaras there so adorable