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  • Posted On: 11/24/2019
  • Title: Seeking pet baby monkey
  • Name: Melissa
  • Location: Manassas, Virginia
  • female baby squirrel monkey very young nothing older than ten weeks .must not have all her teeth in and must still be suckling on a bottle ( my last monkey had full teeth never been bottle fed nor had he been weaned on a bottle just a drip bottle he had no idea how to suckle and had never been bathed or wore a diaper judging by him biting me when I put on the first diaper and being so dirty he turned the water black if you advertise bottle fed and A few weeks old she should be hand held bottle fed and used to wearing a diaper I know it’s more work for you but hiring helpers that actually hold the babies instead of filling up the drip bottle and throwing food into a dirty cage undiapered would be a good helper not someone sitting around the house not taking care of the animals . If we pay good money we should have a reliable breeder . If someone knows someone that would be able to get a guenon please let me know . I need to be contacted with your info and references please since my last experience was so bad he ended up being fine but it was a lot of work . So please bear with me .
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