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  • Posted On: 05/15/2020
  • Title: Looking for baby Lynx or Caracal
  • Name: Michael
  • Location: Fort Smith, Arkansas
  • I was looking for a new born Lynx or Caracal since I was suppose to be getting one here this month, and it fell through, so now looking for another one. I will come pick him up in person since refuse to have an animal shipped and will pay with cash of course. Also, really prefer a male. On that note have decades of experience with exotics and live in a completely legal state for owning these breeds and could pick him up as soon as possible. Thank You

    Here is the max amount I am willing to pay:

    Canadian Lynx - $3,500

    Caracal - $5,500

    May also be interested in other type's of Lynx if near same price
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