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  • Posted On: 12/29/2021
  • Title: Grey squirrel
  • Name: Jasmine Krewer
  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • I’m looking for a baby northern grey tree squirrel. As young as 6 weeks. Or one that is already domesticated that doesn’t need to endure a plane ride or more then a few hours ground delivery!! I’ll pay the cost!!

    I on my own had a squirrel who I rescued and had for a year, a guest was over and mistakenly let him out during the fricking winter!!! and he’s never returned. I cried for weeks straight and as time has Passed i realize how broken I continue to be without him in my life anymore he was so much to me a bond I’ve never had with any other pet in my life growing up. I’ve spent a long time searching for another animal to take place of his forever absence and I all I can think of is him and I just want another chance to have An AMAZING SQUIRREL LIKE HE WAS in my life again. My lifestyle gives me the ability to give this animal all the attention love and care it could possibly need. Anyone who can even point me in the right direction please let me no. I’m willing to wait if I have to.
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