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  • Posted On: 01/05/2023
  • Title: Capuchin or Pigtail Macaque baby girl monkey
  • Name: Miranda Somers
  • Location: Wisconsin
  • I am wanting a baby girl newborn/infant capuchin or macaque pigtail monkey. I am a stay at home mom and have so much love and time to give. I have done my research, watched many videos, read many topics and feel I can give a little one a loving home. I would like to have one and once settled, branch out after a year.

    I want to pickup and no money/no deposits until pickup. Sorry, but tired of scammers and wanting money for ownership transfer paper work and fake USDA licenses and sending out fake links, fake websites...scammers stay away! I will report you to everyone. Don't play me. I am not the one...

    If anyone has a baby I am looking for and it is affordable as I do not have a lot of money, that would be amazing.

    Thank you and looking forward to speaking to those who are able to assist.

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    Thank you

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