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  • Posted On: 05/17/2023
  • Title: Capybara Babies
  • Name: Baron
  • Location: Leslie, Arkansas
  • I am looking for baby Capybaras from a reputable breeder or home preferably close to Arkansas if possible. I want them to be lifelong pets and friends so I am looking for them to have a history of close human interaction since birth.

    They will be going to a knowledgeable and caring owner. I tried to do my legwork before adopting by reading the standard operating procedures manual for capybara care from a large zoo and talked with zoo caretakers. I will do some volunteer work at a zoo several hours away to cultivate personal relationships in case I ever need advice or vet care. They will live in the house, have access to the fenced backyard area with their own water tub, and get walks to the small river in town for a better a better swim.

    I want them to have a personality that will have a close connection with their owner and enjoy interacting with people. They will be exposed to walking on a leash, riding in the car, and being in public places. They will probably get attention from everyone they meet living in a small town where you recognize everyone's pet and it wasn't odd to see someone out for their walk stop and pet the cow that used to be tied on a leash in one of the neighbors front yard. Not the ideal situation for the Capys who are shy or do not like being touched.

    If you have or know where I can find the ideal Capy for my situation please contact me. Easiest way to contact me is to text eight seven zero, five zero four, zero eight three three. I get hundreds of emails daily and important ones often get lost in the mix.
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