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  • Posted On: 09/07/2011
  • Title: Habitat Units
  • Name: Cliff Johnson
  • Location: Wisconsin
  • Two Companion Habitat units for sale. Will need some fixing up--heat elements, blowers installed, bulbs and other minor repairs. They have the electronic control boxes installed. Two blowers are included. I originally purchased these with the intention of fixing them up, possibly making one out of the two, but just don't have the time.

    These units were originally used for reptiles and small rodents by a humane society. They would also work great as chick brooders. Both units are shown in the photo. Each unit is approximately 40 X 23 X 64 inches.

    These two units originally sold for $4,000 each, will sell the pair for $400.

    Call or e-mail if you are interested. I plan to be in the Macon, Missouri area the third week of September (beginning the 20th).
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