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  • Posted On: 06/24/2019
  • Title: Zedonk
  • Name: Bobby Mcghee
  • Location: Panama City, Florida
  • Zeke the zedonk, male . Beautiful animal, not tame enough for petting zoo as any animal that is half zebra i wouldnt trust around kids. He is protective of his food except when i hand feed him from a bucket. I can brush him and love on him which i do all the time . When he is eating he will turn his butt towards you and if you are dumb enough to walk up to his backend when he is eating , he will remind you why thats not a good idea. He has only kicked me once and it didnt even bruise me , but after that i just dont approach him from behind. You have to realize that the zebra half knows that if something is coming from behind its probably a lion trying to eat them. Now telling you his bad traits ,lets look at his normal personality. I spent the afternoon rebuilding a watering station with an automatic waterer in his compound . He finished up his grain and spent the rest of the time with me while i was building . He spent the whole time pulling on my shirt tail, licking me on the head, stole my drill and pordped it in a mudhole and rolled his lips back like he was laughing . Took my 2x6 i had cut to mount the waterer on and carried it to the other side of the compound and pordped it , again opening his mouth wide and curling his lips back like he was laughing. He was just being a typical 4 year old and having fun playing with dad. I really hate to sell him as he gives me hours of fun and enjoyment but my 92 year old mother is terminal and i am having to give up some of my hoof stock because much of my time is taken with her care. Price does not include Coggins and health Certificate which you would have to pay. I got two done the other day on some of my miniature donkeys and they were $135. each animal for the coggins and health certificate including fecal exam . Zeke was wormed 10 days ago. This price is reduced by $500. from last ad.
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