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  • Posted On: 06/24/2020
  • Title: Wolfdog
  • Name: Siera Hodge
  • Location: Maiden, North Carolina
  • Levi is 20 month old low content wolfdog. His birthday is November 9th of 2018. He is embark tested at 18.8% grey wolf. Embark will be provided. He is intact and not good with other intact males. He is good with females and most neutered males. He knows basic commands. Sit, stay, down, paw, wait, leave it. He is off leash trained with an e collar. He pulls on a leash with a regular flat collar but is good with a chain collar. He will eat anything. He knows he is supposed to sit and wait before he eats. He gets food protective with other dogs. He has a sensitive stomach. He cannot he left inside or he’ll destroy the house. He is not house trained. He’s not good with cats or small prey animals. He needs a secure containment or hot wire around a fence. He is amazing with kids and babies. He loves car rides and exploring new places. He makes an amazing hiking buddy. He is good in stores and with people. He loves attention. He does like to jump on people. He sorta participates for baths. He hates nail trims. He likes to dig. He howls at sirens. There is a rehoming fee. Depending on the person, I’d prefer if a neuter contract was signed. I don’t want him being intact the reason that he’s bought.
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