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  • Posted On: 08/28/2020
  • Title: Friendly female African serval
  • Name: Mark
  • Location: Belleville, Michigan
  • “Goldie” was born February 2, 2019 and was bottle raised by us. You can see how small she was in the photos. She’s extremely friendly and playful, and I’m in his enclosure with her every day. She’s been on TV numerous times and has traveled all over the country performing with us.

    She is absolutely gorgeous and we are only asking $5000 for this amazing girl. We only feed her the best...Canned Zu-Preem Feline diet supplemented with Mazuri carnivore whole prey powder. We will give you what we have left.

    She is not a house pet and will only go to a USDA licensed facility. The only reason we're parting with some of our animals is because of the Coronovirus. We haven't been able to book shows or perform, so it's increasingly difficult to feed and properly care for all of them. Our loss is your gain. We are known for the high quality and temperament of our animals. Pick up is in Belleville, Michigan. I can also deliver him to Macon, Missouri on September 22 for free.
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