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  • Posted On: 10/26/2020
  • Title: Grant Zebra male
  • Name: Louis Howell
  • Location: Theodore, Alabama
  • Eggplant Farms is proud to offer beautiful Grant's zebra for sale. Asking Price is $5000. If you are interested in purchasing a zebra for your property, here is one that will be great addition. 12-14 old Grant Male Zebra.

    Contact Louis Howell @ 251-753-6127 or

    I can deliver if needed at $3.00 per mile

    Grant’s zebras generally grow to be 4-5ft tall, and weigh between 500-700 pounds. Grant’s zebras live an average of 20 years. The males on average are 10% larger than their female counterparts. Zebras have excellent eyesight and hearing, and can run up to 40 mph. Each zebra's stripes are unique. Just as no two human fingerprints are alike, no two zebras have the same stripe pattern.
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