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  • Posted On: 04/05/2021
  • Title: Exceptional Serval x Savannah F1 Boy!
  • Name: Michelle
  • Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Last chance at this amazing boy.


    Looking for the perfect exotic looking pet for your family? This (big) guy could be the one for you. Professionally socialized from day one to be the best possible PET. If you spend thousands of dollars, you should EXPECT to get a cat you can handle and do anything with. Not just something pretty to look at. 20yrs experience working with exotic and wildcat species ensures you will get nothing short of the absolutely best imprinted and socialized cat for your home, not a wild animal that takes kevlar gloves to hold! You get a lap cat. You get a best friend who wants to be with you, doing what you're doing. You get a cat that's safe around family members of all ages. Got a baby on the way? No problem. Our cats are often raised with infants and do very well with the little ones. Our f1s come from a fully domestic Serval who passes his amazing temperament to his offspring. He's so mellow, we let him participate in raising his kittens.

    We sell f1s at 13-16wks. Due to the amount of time we spend working with them, exposing them to new "people, places, things" there is no such thing as a need to leave young in order to bond with the new owner. They will be your best buddy the minute you meet them. This is due to the fact we have the ability to spend hours every day with them. We have 1 litter of kittens at a time here. We are not in a rush to send them out the door. Bigger breeders have a tight time crunch. They have to get the kittens gone as early as possible because they simply don't have time to socialize. These kittens will be neglected and become anti social. This is why they insist to sell them early, "in order to bond" with you. However, a properly socialized cat can be sold at a proper later age, and be better adjusted. Both mentally and physically. His immune system will be much better equipt to handle the change of a new home.

    All kittens leave on a purchase contact with various short and long term health guarantees. They are harness trained, great in the car, great meeting new people, happy, and healthy. All vetting will be utd, with a comprehensive vet exam within 48hrs of transferring to the new home.

    Happy to talk on the phone or meet in person. Can provide references from past buyers!

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