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  • Posted On: 02/07/2021
  • Title: Kodiak Brown Bear cub
  • Name: Lee
  • Location: Indiana City, Indiana
  • ATTENTION!!! YOU MUST SHOW PROOF OF USDA OR STATE LICENSE TO PURCHASE THIS ANIMAL . EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. Kodiak Brown Bear female. Born Jan. 9. Bottle raised for the last 3 weeks and doing great! Genetics run deep and are from Walt Disney/ Lloyd Beebe Studio linage. Yes, Walt Disney and Lloyd Beebe were the original owners of this genetic line. The original movie bears, used in Disney films and the Grizzly Adam's TV series. Original stock came from Kodiak Island, Alaska, via Alaska Fish and Game Dept. in 1958, and were the first Kodiak's in the lower 48. Extremely intelligent, very trainable. The bears of choice by many professional trainers today.

    Awesome and impressive exhibit animals. These bears are nearly impossible to obtain. THIS MAY BE THE LAST OPPORTUNITY TO GET ONE!


    Pictures available upon request and verification. Serious inquiries only.
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