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  • Posted On: 02/21/2021
  • Title: RARE Ground Squirrel Breeding Pair
  • Name: Tommy
  • Location: Elmont, New York
  • I have a pair of Ground Squirrels. I’ve Had Them For 6 Months But My Grandmother Just Always Complains And Says Rodent Everytime She Comes Over So Now I Will Tell You Guys Some Valuable Information About Them. They Are About A Year And 3 Months Old Now. Got Them When They Were Young. My Friend Imported Them. The Male Is On The Top Left Hand Side Of Picture, He Is More Brighter In Color And Smaller. He’s Also Very Docile Can Pick Him Up And Hold Him. The Female Is The Large One To The Right With Dull Coloring. These Guys Are Easy To Breed. All You Have To Do Is Put Them In Your Attic Around Winter Time For 3 Months Before Spring Time And Give Them A Lot Of Bedding Too For Them To Dig/Burrow And As Well Feed Them Only Once A Week. After 3 Months And Now It’s Spring, Then Just Put Them Back Wherever You Would Usually Have Them To View And Make Sure It’s Warm. You Will Have Babies Within 1-2 Months. They Only Give Birth To 1-3 Babies. 5 At Rare Occasions. Would’ve Loved To Breed Them But Don't Have An Attic Or Colder Space In My Home. I’m Asking $260 For Both, Wanted $300 But Need Them Gone To A New Home. Remember They Are Super Rare And Rarely Seen In The Pet Trade/Business! Also I Am Located 35 Min From Manhattan, 25 Min From Brooklyn And 40 From Bronx. I Live Right Next To Queens On The Borderline Of Queens And Long Island.

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