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  • Posted On: 02/24/2022
  • Title: 6 position pony sweep
  • Name: Antelope Valley Community Farm
  • Location: Lancaster, California
  • I have two sweeps for sale. Located in Lancaster, Ca just north of Los Angeles. They are custom made of heavy gauge square steel tubing. The arms are 10ft long I have the holes set for 18ft across so fits in a 20ft x 20ft area. I have had from mini through full size welsh ponies on them and not one issue with integrity, i had three sweeps before this and know the issues so when I had them custom built, I had them built to withstand and last forever. You don't need guide wires or any other extraneous equip to operate. Completely mobile fits in a truck bed. Two people can set up in 5 minutes. 1 person to operate. I have set up by myself but remember heavy gauge steel equals HEAVY lol. There is chin chains and eyelets for lead ropes. You will not find a better set up out there. I am downsizing or would never get rid of them. Not accepting counter offers. If your in this business you already know what a steal this is.
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