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  • Posted On: 12/29/2022
  • Title: Wolf Dog puppies (high content, pure wolf appearance)
  • Name: Mark Klemperer
  • Location: Palm Springs, California
  • All photos are of animals I have bred. In spite of the physical appearance that is literally better than that of some wild wolves, these wolfdogs are NOT pure wolves! They are in fact very high F number which means that they have been bred wolfdog to wolfdog for many, many generations. This breeding program with a strict focus on selecting for pure wolf physical appearance and very good temperament began in 1986 and has been directed by a degreed zoologist from then until the present time. These animals can be registered under the breed name North American Indian dog and the bloodline is well-known and sought after internationally. Every year there is a very limited number of pups born, Arctic white, gray or black. these pups have AMAZING, affectionate, trainable temperaments and outstanding physical type (extremely wild appearance; lean, tall, long-legged with huge feet)! They shed heavily once a year in the spring so in the summer months they have a short coat and look extremely lean, athletic and long-legged. In winter they have a very thick coat with long guard hairs and have a completely different, majestic appearance! They are ideal for portrayal of wolves for educational programs, photography, film work, etc. International transport can be arranged. It is better to text me first and set up a time for a phone call! Don't leave a voice mail because I will probably not ever get it!
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