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  • Posted On: 12/22/2022
  • Title: F1 Savannah, and 2 F2 Savannahs- kittens!!
  • Name: Apex Purrfection
  • Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • F1 Savannah male 10 weeks- $12,000

    F2 Brown Savannah male 18 weeks- $5000

    F2 Silver Savannah male- 8 mo- $6500

    Guaranteed social, confident, lovable, playful. Lap cats and family pets. These kittens are taken out in public from an early age, and have intense socializing from day one. Rather than bottle raise, I work with the kittens and imprint through daily interaction. This creates a much stronger human bond and friendship. They don't just bond to the person feeding them, but with everyone they interact with. You're not seen as strictly a source of milk. ?

    Located in Tulsa Oklahoma, transportation available to anywhere legal, or just come and pick one (or two) up here in person!

    Steep discount for pairs going to live at the same home. NOT TO BE RESOLD FOR PROFIT!

    The brown f2 and f1 are buddies, and I'd let you them leave together for $14,000. ♥️??

    The silver boy is ENORMOUS, and he's a fabulous ambassador cat. He would be amazing at a facility working with the public, or pet at home for a house of energetic kids. Hes definitely going to mature at or above the 20# mark. He's already almost 17#. And, a lean 17#. He's as big as my female Serval. Definitely a head turner.
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