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  • Posted On: 02/25/2023
  • Title: LOW content puppies for sale BROWNS and REDS
  • Name: Taylor Mckinney
  • Location: Shepherdstown, West Virginia
  • These are beautiful low content pups; 18-22 percent range. 

    Dad (brown wolf hybrid pictured above): Malamute Gray Wolf German Shepherd Husky >5% Samoyed.

    Mom (white pictured above): 3/4 Anatolian Shepherd 1/4 Great Pyrenees 

    NOTE ALL PUPPIES NOT POSTED ON HERE DUE TO PHOTO SPACE OF 5. I can send photos. 8 total pups.

    These puppies are sweet adventurous, playful, intelligent, and capable. They are a great fit for an experienced dog owner.

    They turn 8 weeks old today and are now ready to go to their forever homes :). They have had their first set of vaccines and deworming.

    The puppies are a unique mix of colors; browns, reds, whites, and blacks and all will be quite fluffy with beautiful markings.They have been socialized on our farm with our horses and cats and have enjoyed visits from strangers and children. They do great in these scenarios. 

    Since being born they have enjoyed a high-quality diet and so much TLC. 

    If you have any interest in a specific pup feel free to reach out and we can give a detailed personality profile on them. We can also provide further information on the other pups not photo's above and the pups parents and grandparents. We look forward to hearing from you :)

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