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  • Posted On: 07/02/2023
  • Title: F1 Bengal Kittens
  • Name: Ashley
  • Location: Florida
  • Please go to our website for current F1 Bengal kittens.

    What is F1?

    There may be other normal everyday Bengals all over but to find F1 and some F2 Bengal kittens is a rare find! Forget what you "heard" or have read about Early Generation Bengals from biased groups on social media or searched on web. Our F1 babies are bottle-fed sweethearts and potty training begins when they start walking in our home!

    Our F1 Bengal babies are very friendly. Yes they even cuddle. Our Bengal Bloodlines descend directly from the Asian Leopard Cat and TICA Champion Bloodlines. Ours have been bred to have specific traits to ensure that you get the very best Bengal in Health Temperament and Beauty. This is the type of cat you would definitely compare to an eager to please dog. Playing catch is an easy game for them to pick up on and even tag!

    They will use the human toilet in almost all cases! Why? Because of the dads natural instinct to use the water.

    Do to the training we put in to them a human potty and the natural instinct that comes from the Asian Leopard Cat dad who eliminates waste in creeks & streams in the wild. Our F1 Bengals come with their training-potty to help transition them to the human toilet in their new homes with out much fuss. Normal Bengal cats have to be trained to the toilet just like normal cats it is not instinctual for them to use the water.

    You want a Bengal that walks on a harness? Our F1 Bengals are far better in many ways for Leash training. Why?

    F1 Bengals are as mentioned before from an actual exotic cat that likes to explore. Most Domestic Bengal Cats are just like most normal domestic cats. (Yes they have a little more curiosity) but that is it. Our F1 Bengal kittens have stronger traits that most families that want a Bengal are looking for.

    Don't want to walk a "cat Okay no problem get plenty of interactive cat toys and or a cat wheel.

    What Do They Eat?

    Not Meow Mix There are plenty commercially available food that are great for them now days.

    Are they good with other pets and children?

    Our F1 Bengals are socialized to dogs and children from day one. In 10 years of raising them normally they end up being a child's best friend and fido's favorite playmate.

    This is not just an every day type of "Bengal It is the best type of Bengal to have for someone or a family who wants all the awesome traits just a little more intensified in a good way. Nothing wrong with "SBT/Domestic Bengals" if that is what someone wants but most are not any different that a normal house cat with a pretty coat.

    We have more than 10 years of experience with the Bengal Cat breed. Recently we have noticed a rise in what seems like EVERYONE raising "Bengals It is awesome in one way but it is scary in the others. There is so much that goes into producing HEALTHY SOCIAL STUCTURALLY SOUND AND GREAT BENGAL CATS. A lot of people it seems are just trying to make a quick buck with no real research or love. This is heartbreaking for the kittens as well as families if sold a sick or unsocial kitten. We love to connect the right Bengal kitten to the family. We provide follow-up guidance tip & tricks that can be helpful when getting your new baby.

    Our ideal owner is someone who not only is in love with this breed but is responsible and financially stable.

    843 345 6876


    *Pre potty trained to the toddler potty for the human toilet. (potty comes with baby unless he or she is already using the human toilet)

    *UTD Vaccinations


    *On Prescription Flea Mite & Heartworm Medication (Revolution Plus)



    *Travel Carrier and or leash harness


    *Training Clicker

    *Health records

    *Care Guide

    *TICA pet registration paperwork

    843 345 6876

    Please call us instead of texting if possible. There has been a rise in people that have other intentions than actually getting one of our babies. Texting for endless information. We do not mind answering questions at all as long as it is not in vain.

    What you seen in photos listed is what you get in person. The photos we provide take a lot of time and effort. We will send more photos and videos if needed. The important part he is REAL & HEALTHY. We can provide references showing we are not scammers.

    Follow us on Instagram @palmettoexotics or even some of our babies we have produced and the owners have created them an Instagram.

    @louis_thecub @Marshall_thebrat @linasleopard @Bengal_nala_and simba2020 @Oxanadavisnow @PradatheF1 @rampturethef1bengal

    Our Bengal Babies Speak For Themselves We Really Do Not Need To Brag To Much How They Are GREAT PETS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY! OR How They Make Wonderful Therapy Pets Because of How Intelligent and Got Off To The Right Start With Extra TLC!
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