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  • Posted On: 04/21/2024
  • Title: Bobcat Kittens Born April 16, 2024
  • Name: wayne sluder
  • Location: Roland, Arkansas
  • Bobcat Kittens born April 16, 2024. Price $2750 plus shipping costs. We are a USDA licensed breeder located in Little Rock, Arkansas. Kittens are bottle fed and being hand raised. Kittens must be old enough to eat meat before we can place in a new home. Prospective buyers should contact us regarding kittens for photos, etc. Once someone determines they would like a kitten from us, we like to call the buyer to discuss. We primarily sell to pet homes, but we will also sell kittens to qualified buyers who will provide a good and lasting home for our kittens. The buyer needs to be familiar with owning exotics or someone who is willing to spend the time getting to know Bobcats. Bobcats have high energy, and although they are very loving cats they can be quite a handful to a new owner. After kittens reach about one year of age, an outdoor enclosure needs to be provided. Bobcats can live both in and out of the home, but an outdoor enclosure that would allow the cat to run and play is a necessity. Our adult male is a northern Bobcat and our female is a southern. He is bigger with longer fur and she is slightly smaller in stature and short haired. Kittens may be either, and they have to be a few months old before we can tell what they will look like when they are adults. However, our kittens are always vibrant with beautiful markings and usually on the larger size as adults. Expect a robust cat that is intelligent and loving. Kittens visit our vet prior to leaving where they receive a physical and a Health Certificate. We provide USDA paperwork as required by most states. The buyer is responsible for ensuring they meet all local laws required by their home state. We will work with any licensing agents as needed. Most states require import permits, but other rules may apply. If someone is interested in a kitten, they are advised to check their state regulations as these often take a few weeks to complete. We require a $400 deposit that is only refundable if we are unable to provide a kitten. Shipping is the responsibility of buyer. We usually are willing to drive partway to help with delivery. During the pandemic airlines were not shipping exotics. Email or text questions. Thank you.
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