Gorilla For Sale

The largest living primate, the gorilla is a predominantly herbivore animal that is native to the forests of central Africa. It is a ground-dweller. There are two species of gorilla, the eastern gorilla and the western gorilla. Both species are classified as critically endangered. Gorillas are genetically similar to humans, sharing about 95% of their DNA. Adult male gorillas can stand over six feet tall and weigh more than 420 pounds.

No Gorilla currently listed for placement


In the wild, gorillas are found living in the tropical and subtropical forests near the Equator. Captive gorillas will thrive in enclosures that are large, complex, and continuously enriched. Ideally, an enclosure that has multiple rooms, private areas, sleeping areas, and more will appeal to gorillas.

Gorillas Eat More than Bananas

Gorillas live on a plant based diet that includes leaves and fruits. In fact, their diet is so rich in moisture that they very rarely drink water. Gorillas have been observed occasionally eating ants and termites. In captivity, gorillas benefit from a varied diet, with an abundance of fruits and vegetables. They can be fed tomatoes, apples, broccoli, celery, sweet potatoes, kale, peppers, and more.

How Smart Are Gorillas?

Gorillas are intelligent, quick-learners, and adept tool-users. New and different enrichment items should be introduced regularly to keep the animals mentally and physically stimulated. Food enrichment items work well, such as food puzzles, hoses filled with food and capped with an apple, and hollowed out balls filled with treats.

Gorillas Breeding in Captivity

Female gorillas become sexually mature between ten and twelve years of age and males reach maturity between eleven and thirteen. Surprisingly, female gorillas are unable to produce an infant for two years after her first cycle. Gorillas do not have a specific mating season, therefore they mate year round. Females initiate the mating by various body movements meant to attract the attention of the males. The males, however, chose who they make with based on their ranking within the group. Female gorillas are pregnant for approximately eight and a half months and, most often, deliver a single baby. Reproduction occurs about every four years.


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