Hyenas For Sale

Hyenas are genetically closer to the feline and viverrid families, but they behave more like a member of the dog family. Like dogs, they are carnivores that catch prey in their jaws, rather than their claws. They differ from dogs in that they are nocturnal scavengers that routinely dine on carrion.

No Hyenas currently listed for placement


Housing Hyenas

Enclosures for hyenas should be secure with fences at least eight feet tall. In addition to an open area, the enclosure should include an indoor area where the animals can seek shelter from the elements and rest in a quiet and solitude. They are mostly nocturnal and come out of their dens at dusk.

Hyenas Diet

Although hyenas eat rotting flesh of dead animals, they will also hunt for prey on their own and have been known to chase lions and other large predators away from their kills. The jaws of hyenas are powerful enough to crush bones and the digestive system of the animal can handle just about everything from hooves and teeth and skin. They cannot, however, digest horns or fur. In captivity, hyenas are fed a fortified meat-based diet like a commercial carnivore food plan fed to large carnivores. Hyenas can also be given mice, beef hearts, rats, rabbits, fish and poultry. For occasional treats, they can be given carrots, zucchini, and cabbage.

Hyena Enrichment

Introducing new enrichment items regularly will encourage the hyenas to adopt behaviors they would develop in the wild. A large pumpkin can be rolled around before it is torn apart. Troughs of water will give the hyenas an opportunity to cool off and splash around. Placing metal culverts around the enclosure will allow the animals to climb and perch on the top and hid underneath.

Breeding Hyenas

Hyenas are non-seasonal breeders. The gestational period for the hyena is about 110 days, after which the cubs are born with soft brown-black fur and long teeth. The cubs will start play fighting each other shortly after they are born. The milk of the spotted hyena has the highest fat and protein content of any land carnivore. The cubs will continue to nurse for twelve to sixteen months, even though they will start eating solid food as early as three months of age.


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