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Asian leopard cats are the most common cat in southern Asia. They are roughly the size of domesticated cat, ranging from 6 to 15 pounds, but the legs of the Asian leopard cat are typically longer. The coat of the Asian leopard is spotted with black or dark brown spots which can either be solid or in rosettes.


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***Drop in price to make room for another litter. This is a great price for these beautiful babies. TICA registered Bengal kittens, microchipped, spayed, 2 vaccines with vet check-up, 30 days free pet insurance. I have reduced their price. Now is yo...

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Bengals! Financing & transport available if needed!

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DOB: 12/08/22 Common Name: Bengal Scientific Name: Felis Catus x Prionailurus Bengalensis General Information: Bengals originate from the US. A Bengal is a hybrid from crossing an Asian Leopard Cat to a domestic cat. The goal is to have th...

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Cheetoh Kittens - From the Jungle to Your Lap

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Cheetoh Cats are a cross between the Bengal Cat and the Ocicat –giving the Cheetoh true exotic wild lineage from the Asian Leopard Cat and they are about 8 generations from the jungle. They are exceptionally friendly and safe for adults and children...

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Leopard Cat

Asian Leopard Cat Housing

For a single Asian leopard cat, a pen that measures about 6-feet by 6-feet is adequate, but a larger pen, at least 8-feet by 8-feet is ideal for a pair. Choose wire over wood or bamboo because the animals will chew on their enclosure and can easily break through non-metal cages. Asian leopard cats can dig, so if the pen has a dirt floor, owners will need to bury stones or fencing material along the pen's perimeter to prevent escapes. The enclosure should also include a den box or some other type of small enclosed space for the animal to go in when stressed or tired.

Feeding an Asian Leopard Cat

Commercial cat food, both dry and wet varieties, does not satisfy the nutritional needs of the Asian leopard cat. Raw meat is one of the best food choices for the animal. Fish, chicken, and turkey are all high in taurine, a vital amino acid. The animals benefit from eating the meat right off the bone so they also get calcium from the bone meal in their diet.

Enrichment for a Leopard Cat

Asian leopard cats are excellent hunters. Owners can provide enrichment for these animals by introducing crickets into their pen. The cats will stalk and eat the insects, which also provide them with vitamins and minerals. For added enrichment, crickets can be placed inside a hollowed out pumpkin, squash, or other gourd. The extra level of difficulty in reaching their favorite snack will keep the animal entertained.

Breeding Asian Leopard Cats

Female Asian leopard cats usually breed once per year. The gestation period is 65 to 70 days and litters are usually comprised of two to four kittens. Kittens reach sexual maturity by 18 months.


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    These cats are beautiful. I wonder if there are leopard kittens available.
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    I think it is awful to breed and sell these beautiful cats.
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    Beautiful cats