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A monkey can be a challenging but rewarding pet. You have to do a lot of research before fully deciding on getting one as a pet. A monkey is not for everyone or every living situation. Do consider what you have planned in the future and how your monkey will fit in it for some species of monkeys can live up to 40 years. Make sure to check you local and state laws to see if there are any restrictions on having a monkey and if any permits are required for you to obtain one. Call the local vet offices to locate one that will see your monkey for his yearly check-ups and if he is sick.



  • Posted: 08/14/2020
  • Phone: 9547089441
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: Florida


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  • Posted: 08/14/2020
  • Phone: 9547089441
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: Florida


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Baby squirrel monkey

  • Price: 7,500.
  • Name: Curt and kathy
  • Posted: 07/20/2020
  • Phone: 865-430-5505
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: Tennessee

This adorable sweet little guy is available now to the right home for $7,500. He will come with a current health certificate and a starter package to get you home and started. We will take the time to teach you how to take care of your new baby and...

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Baby squirrel monkey

  • Price: 7,500
  • Name: Curt Krebs
  • Posted: 07/19/2020
  • Phone: 8654305505
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: Tennessee

Sweet healthy baby squirrel monkey is waiting for his new home with a loving family . He will come with a starter package which includes everything you need to get him home and get started. Also comes with a current health certificate and any oth...

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Baby squirrel monkey

  • Price: 7,500
  • Name: Curt and kathy
  • Posted: 07/05/2020
  • Phone: 865-430-5505
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: Tennessee

Baby boy squirrel monkeys are available now to approved homes for $7,500. He will come with everything you need to get him home and get started. (Starter package) Written instructions and verbal instructions are given. We don't sell to states where...

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Baby squirrel monkey

  • Posted: 06/30/2020
  • Phone: 8654305505
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: Tennessee

Sweet baby boy squirrel monkey is ready for his new family. He comes with everything he needs to get started. We also give verbal and written instructions and are available after the sale to answer questions. He comes with a current health certifi...

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Marmoset Monkeys

  • Name: Rebecca Vives
  • Posted: 06/19/2020
  • Phone: 845-294-8948
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: New York
  • Website:

We have two adorable male Marmoset Monkeys for sale. They were born on May 24th, and are almost a month old. They have been hand raised/hand fed from day one and are extremely healthy and happy. We are USDA licensed, and buyers must be as well. They...

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Housing a Monkey

Good housing for a monkey would be the largest cage that you can afford money and space wise. A regular parrot cage is not suitable. A cheaper route to go is to build one yourself. You can have a big outdoor cage so that your monkey can enjoy the sun and fresh air. In the cage you should have plenty of enrichment. Enrichment includes foliage, hammocks, ropes, tunnels, bath pan, and toys. You can make your own enrichment like taking a cardboard box and cutting a few holes in it large enough for your monkey to fit his hand in. Fill the box with treats and hang in in the cage. There are many foraging toys that you can make with stuff you can find in your owl home. Do rotate the toys and reorganize the cage so that it keeps your monkey from being bored. Also in the cage you will want to include a heating element depending on the temperature in the house or outside. Make sure to keep the cages clean and disinfected at least once a week if not more. This will help your monkey to stay healthy and not get diseases or parasites that can possible pass to you. As the owner, your responsibility is to keep your monkey happy and healthy.

You will have to highly supervise your monkey when he is out of his cage. Remember, they have an opposable thumb like us and can manipulate objects. They will figure out how to open the cage door, cabinets, fridge, etc. You have to treat them like a 2 year old that gets into everything. Have a room that is monkey proof for you and him to enjoy time together. You can have a swing hang from the ceiling, ropes from wall to wall, and other toys throughout the room.

Feeding a pet monkey

There is a commercial primate diet that is available but might have to be special ordered through a local feed store. Monkeys do enjoy a variety in their diet as they are omnivorous creatures. You can feed him crickets, grasshoppers, and meal worms along with fresh fruits and vegetables. Some people food can be fed also. Before feeding anything, make sure it is not toxic to your monkey.

Below are a few species of monkeys that people have as pets.

Old world monkeys -
Macaques. These are large and powerful monkeys. There are many different species of macaques. A few of them are the Celebes, Rhesus, Stump tail, Lion, tail, Pigtail, and Java.

Guenons. They are long lived, up to 40 years. Their facial skin changes from a cream colored when born to a black by the age of 6 months. Two species of guenons are the vervet and green.

New world monkeys -
Marmosets and Tamarins. They are the smallest primates being only 6 inches tall and about 1 pound. They pygmy species are smaller in size. These species do have a natural musk smell similar to a ferret.

Spider Monkeys These guys have very long legs, arms, and tail. This group does have a true prehensile tail but does not have a thumb. Spiders are long lived, up to 40 years.

Capuchins. These are the ones that you see in movies and TV shows. They can live up to 40 years.

Squirrel monkeys. They use their tail as a balancing pole and as a tool. Squirrels prefer to eat berry fruit. They live up to 20 years.

Finger Monkeys


  • Lynn on February 9
    Would love to add a baby monkey to my family. What I see is that the Breeders are trying to get rich off of them. If they would be realistic with pricing they may have better luck finding a loving and enriched home. Just because someone will pay 10k doesn't mean they are the right fit.
  • Allison on February 7
    Please read these comments above. The grammar used is atrocious! The lack of research these people have done is right on par with the grammar used!! A bunch of uneducated people looking for something else they can't take care of!!
  • Cross Miller. on February 5
    I have two small infant primates in my home right now. I hear all of you people talking about I don't have much money to buy a monkey but I have lots of love. If you're going to get a monkey you better have lots of money. There is no way out around it. If you don't have thousands of dollars a year to spend on it your better off getting a kid or a cat. Because owning a monkey isn't cheap. They cost more to keep on that it cost to keep it. Cost of diapers, food (fresh fruits and veggies) not the cheap frozen or canned type either. That kind of food makes them sick and isn't good for them because that has to much salt and other chems that causes poor health. You have to buy good and real nutritional supplements. Make sure it has a reg Vet that can take care of primates and I can tell you they are hard to find and if you do fine one they aren't cheap. You have to take it in to see this vet about every 3 months to check on Vit D levels and also have its blood tested to see if it's A1C is still in normal range, So you can look forward to at least $200 to $300 a every three months for Normal Vet bills. If monk get sick that will be even more. For example 6 months ago one of mine got a bad cold from some where and It cost me $621.50 for that once visit, but I also added for his nails to be clipped during that visit too because they needed it and they already had him in there. but that was only like $20.00 so with not the nail trim that visit was 600. Forget about going on a vacation for the next 40 to 50 years. You will never find anyone to babysit and nor will you want anyone else taking care of it that much of an investment. That would be as silly as letting your next door neighbor watching over your brand new Lamborghini. Yea right! They will never grow out of shitting and pissing in their diapers either so you are looking to buying huggies for the rest of yours or its life. Changing piss fulled diapers 3 to 4 times a day and more if it happens to get the shits. Check out the cost of a pack of diapers now. LOL.. They aren't cheap.. For get those weekends you want to sleep late on Saturday mornings or go out to the clubs on a Friday night... Remember, there are no babysitters that you can call at 9 pm... And what I just told you about bring up a monkey... That was the good parts...Then why do I have two of them you ask?? Because I grew up with all sorts of monkeys in my home, I've had about every breed they know if in my home growing up at one time or anther. Both my parents were Vets for San Diego Zoo. They both were Vets for primates and guess who got to take care of the babies when they monkey parents didn't want too. Now I get the honor to do the same job here where I live from our local zoo. I am not a vet but my parents are still well known around the zoo and primate world and the local zoo here knows I know how to take care of them so I get to foster babies from time to time for them and sanctuaries in the area that do not have the room or time to take care of the little bundles of fuzzy joy. It's just something you better think long and hard about and it is not for someone under the age of at least 30 to try to take on taking care of a primate of any kind more less one that can grow as big as a 5 to 6 year old. Like I said I have had primates in our home for 56 years of my 57 years. They do make wonderful companions. Yes I mean companions because they aren't pets. They are like kids, they end up how they were raised. If you didn't make them mind as an infant they will be bad in adulthood. As with a child they need discipline and you can't rule with a light touch either. You have to do what their mothers do to them like in the wild. Sometimes you have to bite the shit out of them or twist that ear tell it screams sometimes so they will know from right from wrong. That's it guys and gals. Something to think long and hard about before you lay down anywhere from 6 to 40 grand for.
  • Diane C Ghosein on January 30
    Tears ago I had a baby blue bonet macque. I had Oscar for 4 years but during that time I became pregnant. I already had a 10 year old and Oscar was very jealous of my oldest daughter so I reluctantly gave him to a couple who already had a monkey but now I live alone except for my cats and dogs. I have missed him tremendously and I would love to have another one.
  • Makayla Goggans on January 17
    I want a pet monkey so bad but I live in Cleveland Ohio😭🥺
  • Rebecca on January 9
    I would like to have a female baby capuchin as my pet they are adorable I would give them all the love in the world give as much attention as I possibly can I have school but don’t go to work, and honestly I would rather have a pet monkey rather than a dog. Monkeys are insanely smart most are sweet and love the taste of whipped cream like me I’ve seen a monkey on tiktok that seemed to be a capuchin it was cute and he opened the fridge and ate whipped cream. It was adorable and I’d love to have a smart intelligent animal around
  • Kerry on January 6
    I’d love a monkey but I live in the UK and it’s almost impossible to find any for sale. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack!!! ☹️
  • Michael on December 25
    Which monkey is the best monkey to have as a pet
  • Luther J Robinson on December 13
    I really want a finger monkey or even one next size up
  • Lisa on December 11
    Anonymous: I don't believe there's been any cases in US of person contracting Hep from Primate according to my research, but I do know herpes is danger to Marmosets and can kill them. Don't know about Macaques and herpes? To A.L : Not arguing with you, but there's an invasive troop of Macaques in FL, so not too sure about Climate requirements considering Snow Macaques deal with frigid temps as well. The idea wild animals cannot be trained is ridiculous. Monkeys are trained to do bunch of stuff, go look at "Helping Hands." They are intelligent, and by just watching You Tube you can see they're trainable. Their own mothers must train them during weaning!? I've heard of them biting but not automatically upon pueberty, usually when something taken away. And ok only poop flingers I've seen are in zoos. I thought that's why you put outer diaper cover on. I don't necessarily disagree with your stance, just real sick of ignorant people making stuff up to try and make a point. The commitment is like anything else. Puppies are cute but I don't unload them or my chickens after they grow!? WTF?
  • Brittany on November 29
    I’m looking for a female capuchin I live in MS, please contact me if you no anyone around this area that has one for sale, thanks!
  • Sara on November 28
    I love monkeys
  • luz perez on November 11
    I want to buy a mini monkey. I live in New Mexico and I can pick it up
  • Madi on October 29
    Owning a monkey in the US is not illegal you are allowed to own a monkey in currently, Washington state, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Ohio, Alabama, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina have no restrictions on keeping monkeys as pets. Do you know...Most baby monkeys are killed and took from their mothers from other male monkeys around her they do this so they can make their own baby with that female so in my opinion, it is better for a human to own a baby monkey than their own species. It doesn't matter what people think. Follow your dreams.
  • Annie on October 28
    REASONS WHY MOST OF YOU SHOULD NEVER HAVE MONKEYS 1. Monkeys are not “family” pets. Most will attach your one human more than the others, they don’t like humans touching/hugging and they will fight your kids for rank. Monkeys cannot be trained like dogs or cats. 2. Monkeys are not “support animals” for emotional or physical support. Would you have a pet 2 year old with sharp fangs as a support person? 3. Monkeys WILL NEVER be human children. They may act closely as infants but they’ll always scratch, masturbate, squeal, hump, and act like monkeys. They’ll grow up and want to mate. It’s inevitable. 4. 90% of primate owners fail in the first 5 years. What makes you believe you have more time, money, patience, health, and lifestyle flexibility than most people? The odds are not in your favor. 5. BREEDERS ARE FOR PROFIT. They don’t care how much “love” you have. They don’t want the chore of selling your old car. Frankly, if you can’t afford the monkey, you can’t afford the enclosures, diet, vet appointments, toys, etc and you’re going to end up another piece of white trash on the news showing a half dead monkey rescued from a bird cage after it was fed nothing but candy and McDonalds for 10 years, OR the monkey will get away or snap and bite off your fingers then end up being shot.
  • Adrian on October 26
    I like to have a baby monkey because he's so cute
  • JoAnn Wheeler on October 26
    I would love to find a Female Baby rhesus Macaque or a Baby short Pig tail or a Java. Please let me know if any is available I live in Indiana we can have them here.
  • A. L. on October 18
    No, macaques aren't illegal to own as "anonymous" stated. There used to be a breeder but she stopped about 6 years ago when she received counterfeit money for two baby macaques. She claimed that the whole situation made her aware of how traumatic it is for both mother and baby monkey when separated so early. She now solicits adoption fees to help fund rehabilitation facilities. Vervet and green monkeys are actually in the very same family as macaques, so to speak. Not just old world monkeys either, I mean considered in the same genus or whatever. Any monkey can contact a zoonotic disease and spread it to a human but yes, the fact that macaques aren't bred in captivity, which is a cruel life really for any monkey, baby or mother, is why they're more likely to carry human/animal communicable diseases. I get that they're cute and I wish I could have one too but no one thinks about them becoming adults. They're no longer cute and still a lot of work. Pet monkeys are also a lifelong commitment as they live 40+ years in captivity. They're not like a cat or a dog that you can just leave at home when you go to work either. They need constant care and supervision. That's 24/7 people. There are strict diet regimens that must be followed which means no human food as they're extremely susceptible to diabetes. Let's not forget diapers which they'll likely eventually tire of wearing and begin to just fling their poo wherever, as nature intended. Essentially, they're not much different from human children except the fact that they're nearly impossible to train, again because they're wild animals. They also need adequate indoor and outdoor enclosures with ever changing enrichment or they get bored and destroy your belongings and bite. Why? Because they're wild animals that have been taken into homes and caged. A lot of breeds do best when there's more than one and that doesn't mean you can get 3 different breeds. There's like two sanctuaries maybe that take monkeys in the US and they rarely have the room if I remember correctly. So, it's not like you have an option to just change your mind one day and release it into the wild because guess what? Even if a human raised monkey somehow managed to retain enough of it's wild instincts to somehow survive in the wild, monkeys aren't indigenous to North America. No wild to release them into. Oh, and super freaking good luck finding a veterinarian with anywhere near the skills and knowledge necessary to treat any illnesses your monkey might end up with. It's just trial and error so far as I know. Seriously, get a pet that's been domesticated and stop this horrible monkey selling all together.
  • charlene worsham on October 17
    i would love to find a baby female capuchin to love and raise
  • Alazia McGee on October 12
    I am looking for a baby Capuchin in the Texas areas.
  • Norma on October 12
    Looking for a baby marmiset monkey for sale. I live in Nevada
  • Vazquez on October 10
    On search of a macaque baby to teen in age.
  • re on October 7
    Actually there are a few states that don't specifically exclude macaques, however it is still extremely difficult to get one in US because they cannot be shipped here and the only breeders are for the lab industry. New World Monkeys are much easier as you see, they have the prehensile tails and outward nostrils. There is just no dourve of old world monkeus of any kind on the western hemisphere. There is a wild invasive group of macaques in Florida. Your best bet is to offer the lab breeders alot of money. otherwise meet an Asian person over internet with poaching skills, fly him over, have him poach you one from Fla (he will have to kill at least its mom if not others around it). Then have a vet control all its many zoonotic diseases herpes, hep B etc macaques get ppl sick. Alternatively Baby green monkeys or vervets have a similar cute face to macaques when young if you like the macaque look. They are old world too but you may have better luck one is advertised here.
  • Ivonne Romero on October 5
    My dream is to have a monkey I hope to have one before I die that my dream
  • Jen on October 5
    I would like to find a female java Macaque .
  • Anonymous on October 4
    To all you people looking for macaques, they are illegal to own in ALL 50 STATES. It is also illegal to import them and to breed them. Which is why you will NEVER find them for sale anywhere. If you want one, move to Asia.
  • Tina bell on September 20
    I would love to buy or adopt a monkey
  • Allary on September 13
    Can these monkeys be shipped to Canada?
  • Lisa on September 13
    In search of a Java monkey for an emotional support baby. Prefer an infant so we can create strong bonds. Will trade a 2006 Keystone Cooper Canyon 5Th wheel which needs work or cash. Don’t have a ton of funds though but a ton of love to give
  • Liliana R. on September 11
    I am looking for a newborn baby macaque, any species would be fine. Please let me know if anyone has one already or there’s one on the way for sale! Thank you 🙏🏻
  • Terry Thrasher on August 30
    me and my family is interested in a baby monkey
  • Elisa on August 30
    I am looking for a rhesus monkey or macaque! I live in NC and it is legs to own them here. Please let me know if any are available. Thank you!
  • Anthony Crenshaw on August 29
    Would like to have a rhesus macaque baby or a baby long tail macaque or java. I like this page and it has alot of nice animals I also love the Geoffrey marmoset as well
  • casey on August 28
    I want a monkey but I live in England