Tracie Perry


Do not spend or invest ANY MONEY with this person SCAMMER/ SOCIOPATH/ NARCISSIST
Scammed me. Do it trust this lady please. I normally do not say anything against anyone but she will take your deposit but you won’t receive your monkey. I am not the first person she has done this too either.
At first she would respond and tell me she would get a capuchin monkey that she was waiting on one to be born. However, after several months of waiting I requested a refund for the deposit as I told her I would wait till next year since its not looking good. She responded she would refund me in 2 weeks. I attempted to text and call her after but no answer. I'm going to proceed to filing a police report in her city of Lebanon, MO followed by other legal ways to get back my deposit. Unfortunately, she is not trustworthy after all.
Highly recommend Tracie, she answered all my question and kept me updated, now that I have my marm she still goes above and beyond with answering all of my question, shes very quick to respond ♡
A Tracy has nothing but done wonderful things for me and my monkey she is the most honest and trustworthy person I could ever imagine to deal with she has transported monkey for me kangaroos for me and always dealt with my money free handed it always gave me the right amount money back and a right amount of money to the other buyer she has never get me or ever lied to me she's always sold me a well healthy rounded monkey and if I had any questions or any problems with any of my animals she's always been there right immediately and answered and help me with all my problems Tracy is the one that stopped people and the only person I trust buying a monkey from thank you Tracy for being such an honest and loving person and thank you for caring for our animals and if anybody else has anything to say they must not know you well well
Tracie helped find and deliver our primate. She did a great job in a timely manner. She has also delivered several of my friends babies throughout the United States. Thanks for taking such good care of our boy!!!
I sent her a $500 deposit, I’ve been trying for several MONTHS to get my monkey. Communication has always been tough with her but I would at least get a reply within a day or 2. I understand she was busy. But I’ve been texting her since September to go and get my monkey, I haven’t gotten 1 reply. She has clearly scammed me.
Wow!! Don’t be like us and believe this woman or send her any kind of money. She scammed us into $500. The rumors are true. There are many other people like us. Don’t fall for it!!
Do not trust this woman. She has scammed and stolen THOUSANDS throughout the years. Just search her name on Facebook or google. She also has MANY felonies, misdomeners, leins and wage garnishment for all that have taken her to small claims court. This is how she makes her money by scamming.
Don’t trust this person with your money. Check her background. Has scammed lots of individuals
i use Tracie ,to transport me my Kinkajos ... it was a very far distance ,and they arrived safe and healthy ... she was very professional.. answered all and any questions I had ... also had all the proper paperwork plus a health certificate... yes I will be using her again ...if you want great service and professionalism I recommend Tracie ...
Tracie is a wonderful woman, I have known her for over 5 years and have purchased many monkeys from her; greens, marms, snow macaques. She also has transported many animals for me! She is very honest, answers calls and texts right away! Check her Facebook she makes many families happy across the nation!
Very nice and understanding individual! I’ve been scammed multiple times with people and their deposits she was the only one that waived the deposit for me and met me in person to make the buy 🙏🏻👍🏻🙌🏻 Not only did I end up buying a green from her I also purchased a macaque too!! I personally Can’t and didn’t believe the previous reviews lmao 😂 she is well known in the exotic world and is def real and professional Thank God I listened to my Inner intuition other wise I wouldn’t have my precious babies today THANK YOU TRACIEEEEEE mwuah xoxo 😘
I have hired her many times and Never had a issue with her at all. I can also say all of my paperwork was as it should be and as of today she is licensed with the U.S.D.A I just looked her up... Hope this helps anyone looking to work with her.
I purchased a male java macaque from Tracie Perry who claimed to be USDA licensed. Upon delivery, she claimed that she had left the USDA paperwork and health certificate (required by law to cross state lines) in a motel and that she would send them. After a month of getting the run around on the paperwork, I contacted the USDA who informed me that her license had been cancelled and that the transaction had been done illegally. As of this date, she is not licensed, and any USDA regulated sales will not be done legally. A list of current licensed dealers can be downloaded on the USDA APHIS website. Also, the baby boy I purchased is, in fact, a girl.
Excellent communication, has kept up with baby after the sale, USDA licensed. Loves her babies and her job and it shows.
I hired Traci Perry (under the false pretenses she was USDA licensed) to sell a capuchin monkey for me. She found a buyer, picked up the monkey, delivered the monkey to the buyer, pocketed the money and BLOCKED me. I heard the next day she got a boob job.
thank you for your return calls!
good communication
AVOID this seller. Not responsible. Blocked calls from buyer, refused to answer questions. BUYER BEWARE.
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Baby male spider monkey

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  • Name: Tracie Perry
  • Posted: 09/22/2021
  • Phone: 4179862442
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: Missouri

Adorable baby male spider monkey!! This sweet guy will come with a health certificate,Usda paperwork, stuffy and blanket. Call Tracie @ 417-664-3876

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Asian small clawed otter

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  • Phone: 417-986-2442
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Baby small clawed otter Will be available week of 9/20/21 Baby is still with parents now, so unsexed. Will come with USDA paperwork and health certificate. Please contact Tracie @ 417-986-2442

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