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Cat was advertised for 4,000 because of her age. Reached out everything was fine. She was hesitant to let us place a deposit because we wanted to get her in upcoming weeks but she said “oh you don’t want her now?” Pushing to get her sooner. So we agreed. She’s about 5 hours from our meeting place. She asked us to deposit 1000$ otni a personal bank account (that’s scam 101,a no no) we constantly asked for pictures that she would not provide. Not even a picture. Always send you payment securely because you can document everything. I would not recommend very sketchy person. Very pushy for your money but no proof of animal. Deposit otni that account and understand there’s a chance you won’t see it again. If you know of or are a TRUE serval breeder please contact as we are looking to buy as pet. Thanks. Be careful on this site we’ve also ran otni breeders where our monkey has died after3 days (steven provost) he refunded us. And Trisha Meyer (she sold us the wrong savannah Sex and he was not what she stated) avoided us. This site does no screening.
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