Curt Krebs


fine people and they care about the pets they sell.
Since a little girl I always had a passion & love for animals especially primates. My dream was to own one. Well not only have that dream came true today but who better than to be a part of it other than Curt & Kathy. From my first phone call to them to me making a road trip to meet them & pick up my new baby boy squirrel money they made every step very simple & comfortable me & my family. They welcomed us with open hands & shared there knowledge of animals with us and allowed us to visit there little zoo personally. The experience all the way around was awesome. I couldn't ask for better breeders. I am so thankful I found them here & that I went with them. Thank you Curt & Kathy once again for taking your time to make sure I understood how to take care of my new baby. Answering my questions and concerns & keeping the line of communication open.
Curt and Kathy are not only great caregivers and exotic breeders, they are also very personable and offer great support and input after the sale. It's hard to beat the amount of time and knowledge they have of raising and rescuing animals as well as training. And they have soooo many mobkeys.
We got a squirrel monkey 2 years ago from Curt and Kathy. We named him Bubba he has became a big part for a little fella to our family. He was in very good health and perfect. Curt and Kathy are super to help you understand the do’s and dont’s and never turn me away when I have questions!!! Would suggest them to anyone!!
Curt and Kathy are such wonderful keepers and breeders. Soooo many monkeys... you can't beat his experience level with any species of mammalia. Especially primates.
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