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Rhinoceros, or rhinos, are among the largest remaining mega fauna. There are five species of rhino, and the largest of these animals can weigh as much as 8,000 pounds. Rhinoceros numbers have plummeted in the wild and biologists blame hunters who kill the animals solely for their horns, which are prized in many cultures. It is believed they contain medicinal or aphrodisiac properties.

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Rhinos live in the savannas and forests of tropical and subtropical regions of Africa and Asia. In captivity, rhinos need trees for shade, vegetation for eating, and water or mud holes for wallowing. They also need plenty of space to run.

What do Rhinos Eat?

Rhinos are herbivores, meaning they eat only plant material. They have the ability to ferment food in their hindgut so they can digest more fibrous plants when needed. The two rhino species found in Africa do not have teeth in the front of their mouths. Instead of nibbling leaves, they pluck them off with their lips and grind them with their back teeth.

Physical and mental stimulation is beneficial for rhinos in captivity. Fallen trees or balls that the animal can roll around will keep them active. They also enjoy puzzle feeders. Rhinos are social and curious and enjoy interacting with humans. They particularly like it when humans scratch their skin.

Breeding Rhinos

Depending on the species, a rhino can be pregnant for as long as eighteen months, making them one of the mammals with the longest gestational periods. Typically, just a single offspring is born at a time, though rhinos will occasionally have twins. The female rhino will reproduce every two and a half to five years. Although the male rhino leaves the female as soon as mating has occurred and play no role in raising the offspring, the female rhino is an attentive mother. The baby, called a calf, remains by its mother’s sie for the first two to three years of life.


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