Sugar Gliders For Sale

Sugar Glider Pets

Sugar Gliders are low maintenance pets. Sugar Glider cages do not take up much room which makes them great apartment pets. They bond well with their owners because they are a highly social species. All and all, they make great pets. Before buying you need to research into sugar glider care and housing. This is always a good practice to do before getting any new types of pets. There are many good books and web sites with great sugar glider information and wonderful sugar glider pictures.

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Housing a Sugar Glider

The size for a sugar glider cage should be at least 32" high by 18" wide by 32" long. This is a good size cage for the sugar to have enough room for toys and to glide. There are cheap sugar glider cages out there but remember these will usually last a few years and you will have to purchase a new one. A better built and more expensive sugar glider cage will last the life of the pet. Sugar glider toys include hanging and climbing items similar to parrot toys.

Sugar Glider diet

A good Sugar glider diet is important to keep your pet healthy and love lived. There is commercial diets that you can buy and there is homemade sugar glider food recipes on the web that you can make yourself. Some sugar glider food is specifically designed to prohibit odors. Using the odor control food does work and if fed on a daily bases your sugar will usually have very little to no discernible smell. Fresh fruits and vegetables, canned crickets, grasshoppers, and sweet treats are all great to use as daily treats. It is important to not place food and water dishes on the bottom of the cage. You will want to hang the food dish and it is better to use a water bottle. Make sure the food and water is fresh daily.

A sugar glider pet cannot be potty trained. Once you get to know your sugar, you will be able to predict when he/she has to go to the bathroom. They are naturally clean animals and do not require bathing.

Places to find sugar gliders for sale include pet shops, private breeders and classifieds in the local paper or online.


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