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Weasels are mammals that belong to the same family as ferrets, minks, and polecats. They have long, slender bodies and short legs. Although they are small, they are active, aggressive predators. Their slender bodies are ideal for seeking out prey in burrows and holes. Weasels are popular as pets because they are relatively easy to care for, cute, and entertaining. They are, however, illegal to own in many areas.

Least Weasel

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  • Posted: 09/25/2021
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  • Location: Florida
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Finally.....Least Weasels are back! Mustela nivalis Adults Are Ranging In Various Sizes 10 – 15 Inches In Total Length With Males Slightly Larger Than Females With Proper Care These Weasels Can Live 5 – 6 Years In Captivity These Small Mammals Act...

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Libyan Striped Weasel

  • Name: Austin Harris
  • Posted: 09/04/2021
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  • Location: Florida
  • Website: https://undergroundreptiles.com/product/libyan-striped-weasel/

Libyan Striped Weasel Ictonyx libycus Farm Bred Males And Females Available Females Proven Breeders Approximately 20 – 24 Inches In Length From Head To Tail Gorgeous Animals Coming With Black And White We are USDA licensed and inspected for ov...

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Species of weasels are found worldwide except for Australia and Antarctica. For weasels kept as pets, cages specifically designed for ferrets are available. Weasels need a dark, private place in which to sleep because they sleep for up to twenty hours per day. They are natural diggers. Use caution when letting a pet weasel have full access to your home – they can be very destructive.

What do Weasels Eat?

Weasels are the smallest carnivorous mammals in the world. They eat birds, eggs, reptiles, and other small mammals. Weasels are fearless and often attack animals much larger than they are. As pets, owners should attempt to feed the animals a diet that closely resembles their natural diet, even though it may be tempting to feed it commercially made weasel or ferret pellets. This means giving the animals live or frozen mice or grubs.

Enrichment for Weasels

Although weasels spend a great deal of time sleeping, they do like to play. Balls, bells, and squeaky toys will entertain your weasel. The animals also have fun with simple items such as cardboard boxes or tubes, hammocks, and scratching posts.

Breeding Weasels

Weasels mate in the spring, and after a five week long gestation period, the female gives birth to a litter of up to eight babies, called kittens. The kittens are typically born in April and May. The kittens are weaned by about five months and can hunt for themselves at eight months, but stay with their mother longer. In fact, the mother often kicks out her children when they are around twelve weeks old, forcing them to find their own territories.


  • Zaylee on May 25
    I want a white weasel when I'm older
  • andrea on May 3
    hello there i want a weasel but i ready have dogs and i like weasels because they are so cute and i think i can not pick one because my dad i think he don't have a chance to get all the food and it hard for him so maybe when i grow up i think i gonna get a weasel but not right now.
  • Doug on April 22
    I am interested in obtaining weasels for rodent control in coastal California vineyards. Is this possible? Thanks
  • Brenten on April 11
    I have a ferret that's fixed. hes a male, very tenacious. Ive trained him to flush rabbits and other vermin out for me. Its hard to explain our bond. i was always a dog person. when my dog died i couldn't own another dog. we were that close. But Elliot was a gift and hes been a blessing. hes almost 3 now and I'm thinking that it would be smart to purchase another pair of weasels kits to learn his behaviors in case something happens to him. because Ive spent almost 3 years with him straight hes unique and i would like to try and have him teach his skill-set by example. then i could breed and fix the males as i go to ensure genetic diversity and availability as well the legacy i would like to create. Ive no intention to sell them at all i consider them absolutely sacred. My question is if you carry Japanese Izuna weasels that is definitely the breed i would like and if i could purchase a breeding pair that would be my intention with them. is this a possibility?
  • Pien on March 26
    Hi, Me and my husband LOVE weasels. We would do anything to get one. Please let me know.
  • Melissa Roop on March 1
    I am interested in buying two stoat weasels
  • Stacey Duncan on February 25
    I would like to get more information about weasel as pet I can purchase ferrets but not interested Had them when younger. I believe for size and life style like to purchase and possibly breed weasels. Seem small and fascinating.
  • Jeff Mead on February 25
    The weasel is not the smallest carnivore, that would be the shrew.
  • Kristin Lahue on January 29
    I want to purchase a weasel
  • Kristal on January 22
    How much does one cost?
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    i want a weasel !!!11!! they r so cute >_<
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