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A zedonk is hybrid produced from mating a donkey sire with a zebra dam. While some variation on markings occurs, it is common for zedonks to have brown bodies with black and white striped legs. A few naturally-occurring zedonk cross-breeds have been found but most are produced inorganically as humans facilitate the mating of the two species.


Zedonk, Zeke

  • Name: Bobby Mcghee
  • Posted: 01/26/2020
  • Phone: 850 276 6389
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: Florida

5 year old Zedonk. Will come with fresh Coggins Test. Will let you pet him and brush him. Farrier has no trouble trimming his hooves. Has been wormed regularly. Eats horse pellets and hay. Beautiful animal .

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Pet Zedonk

Most zedonks are found in zoos, or are privately-owned. They can be kept exactly like a horse, donkey or pony. They need a large pasture area with secure fencing and dry stall that will protect them from the elements.

Zedonk Diet

As a member of the horse family, zedonks eat the same sorts of food that horses eat. Their diet consists mainly of hay, but they also enjoy carrots, apples, oats, grains, and grass.

Enrichment for a Zedonk

Providing the animals with a large, grass-filled pasture and ample space to roan around is ideal. Like horses, zedonks can learn some basic tricks and like to be rewarded for their hard work with a few sugar cubes or carrots.

Breeding Zedonks

Zebras and donkeys are both members of the horse family but they have different numbers of chromosomes. This means they can inter-breed with each other, but their offspring, the zedonk, is infertile.


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