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The Zorse is a hybrid; a cross between a zebra and a horse. Because they are native to different geographical habitats, zebras and horses do not interbreed naturally but they have been cross-breed in captivity since the nineteenth century. Due to its sturdiness, the Zorse is often used to carry people or goods, but it is also a popular attraction in zoos. This hybrid animal has short, rough fur that may be a variety of shades from white, tan, gray, brown or black. Like the zebra, the Zorse will have stripes, particularly on its rear legs and hindquarters, but also on its head and neck.


Zony, Zetland, Zorse, Zebra

  • Name: Cecil B Yates
  • Posted: 11/10/2023
  • Phone: 210 313 4543
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  • Location: Texas
  • Website: Rocknrowdyranch

An extremely rare (I have searched and can’t find one) Zony (half pony and half zebra). We have worked many hours with PJ and he has become a well mannered gentle exotic equine crossbreed. I have used him as a lead line pony/zony for my grandsons, an...

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  • Name: William
  • Posted: 11/02/2023
  • Phone: (760) 519-3962
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  • Location: California
  • Website: Long Neck Ranch & Exotics

Stunning Zorse , Zeus is 18 months old. Father is Grants Zebra , mother is Arabian horse . Serious inquiries only please . Open to trades as well

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Pet Zorse

Zorse Habitat

Zorses enjoy interacting with other equines, such as horses or donkeys. Like horses, they do well in large pasture enclosures with a variety of plant life. Because the Zorse will eat only its favorite plants, rotating pastures periodically will help dormant pastures regrow plants and grasses.

Feeding a Zorse

Like both zebras and horses, the Zorse is an herbivore and its diet consists mostly of grasses and grains. It will also dine on berries, vegetables, fruits, and leaves. Nearly all of the Zorse’s day is spent grazing. This animal has an acute sense of taste and will rummage through plant material to select only its favorite types of food. It can also recognize and avoid poisonous plants.

Half Zebra Half Horse Hybrid

A Zorse is produced by breeding a male zebra with a female horse. The mare is pregnant for eleven months before giving birth to the baby Zorse. The newborn Zorse has disproportionately long legs, nearly the length of an adult Zorse. Within one hour of birth, the infant is able to stand on its own. Although the Zorse has the urge to mate, it is sterile and cannot produce offspring of its own.


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    Where can I buy a zorse
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    Hi where can I get a horse
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    Hay you have different colors?
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    If you mate a zedonk with a zorse do you get a zule?