Find an Exotic Animal

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  • Name: Mary Z.
  • Posted: 03/25/2020
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  • Location: San Diego, CA
  • ID #59136

Located in San Diego, looking to adopt a chinchilla kit (preferably 2moth -4 month) old that has been socialized with people before. Willing to pay up to 250$ for the baby. Serious seller and reputable breeder only.

looking for an adult or kitten serval at a reasonable price not too expensive.

i am looking for a serval, bobcat, or caracal to adopt or rehome. if you have any available under $3,000 please contact me.

We are searching for Siberian Wolves, Arctic wolves, Bears Polar bear, Kodiak Bear, Brown Bear, Black bear Urgently If you have such animals contact us through whatsapp +19282186778 note it is only whatsapp number if you have such animals please send photos, videos, and the price and we do business please note we are a rescue centre sanctuary

  • Name: zabrina
  • Posted: 03/23/2020
  • Location: conway, SC
  • ID #59117

i want (preferably a baby) Serval, i would like to find one somewhat close if possible, i live in SC. I also have a chinchilla i am trying to get rid of. please text me (not call) at 8438559061

  • Name: Erin R Beaudoin
  • Posted: 03/22/2020
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  • Location: Barnesville, MN
  • ID #59104

Looking to possibly buy a baby or young river otter

  • Name: Hannah Bradley
  • Posted: 03/21/2020
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  • Location: Upstate, NY
  • ID #59090

I am looking to adopt a baby MALE sloth in the next year, maybe two. Preferably searching for a two toed but am open to three toed. I'm currently more so looking for contacts for breeders for when I am ready to adopt. Once I have their habitat set up with everything he'll need, get in touch with one (or two) exotic animal zoologist, and getting any necessary paperwork and permits in order. As many details that can be provided is very appreciated. Thank you!

  • Name: Saniya
  • Posted: 03/20/2020
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  • Location: Miramar, FL
  • ID #59081

I’ve wanted a ferret for years! I’d prefer a pair but at this point I’ll take what i can get. Only interested in ferret(s) with proof of wellness and no illnesses!

  • Name: C
  • Posted: 03/20/2020
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  • Location: Redmond, WA
  • ID #59080

Want to adopt a baby river otter.

  • Name: Erin
  • Posted: 03/18/2020
  • Email: Email this poster
  • Location: Greenville, SC
  • ID #59064

Have wanted a ferret since I was a child!! I don’t care color or gender I will take one or two of them! You can email me or txt me whatever you like!!

Looking for a ring tailed cat. Prefer pet quality. Thank you!

  • Name: Theresa Farley
  • Posted: 03/15/2020
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  • Location: Hickory Flat, MS
  • ID #59029

In search of baby owl monkey. Will travel. USDA lic/ Fl. Lic.

  • Name: Lisa hall
  • Posted: 03/14/2020
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  • Location: GORDON, AL
  • ID #59021

Looking for alpaca or llama

  • Name: Ian Graves
  • Posted: 03/12/2020
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  • Location: , MI
  • ID #58998

I'm looking to buy a baby snowshoe hare please text me at 2313305373 if you have one available will pay to have it ship

I'm looking for a baby macaque monkey for sale. prefer Java. Thanks.

  • Name: debbie stragan
  • Posted: 03/10/2020
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  • Location: CANTON, OH
  • ID #58977

looking for female muntjac deer

I am searching for a male or female jungle cat kitten, please contact me if you have one or are expecting a litter soon.

  • Posted: 03/08/2020
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  • Location: Little Falls, MN
  • ID #58945

Sloth wanted. I have much experience with exotic animals. Will travel. Not for resale. Private collection.320 632 5050 Chuck

  • Name: Cayley E Bush
  • Posted: 03/07/2020
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  • Location: Anderson, SC
  • ID #58943

I'm looking for a Short-Tailed Opossum. I'd rather find one in the Greenville/surrounding areas. Thanks!

ISO an older capybara 2+ years old, either sex is fine. Willing to travel. Please text.