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In search of wallaby breeders on the east coast, will be searching for babies in the spring

Looking for a coati

Willing to travel

Prefer to pay in cash

  • Name: Serenity
  • Posted: 10/13/2023
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  • Location: Punta Gorda, FL
  • ID #77535

i need a baby fox in Florida

  • Name: kilee detty
  • Posted: 10/07/2023
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  • Location: piketon, OH
  • ID #77453

i’m looking for a pet monkey !!

  • Name: Tanya
  • Posted: 10/05/2023
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  • Location: Port sulphur, LA
  • ID #77436


  • Name: Jason wise
  • Posted: 10/05/2023
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  • Location: Cleveland, TX
  • ID #77430

Female monkey wanted

  • Name: Austin B Belt
  • Posted: 10/04/2023
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  • Location: Cincinnati, OH
  • ID #77429

I want a young squirrel. Preferably over5 wees old. Over 6 weeks old . I ad a loss of family I need a pet I. Always wanted a squirrel. Please someone capture a young squirrel for me. I will pay good

  • Name: Promise land exotic sanctuary
  • Posted: 10/04/2023
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  • Location: Branson, MO
  • ID #77420

We are excited to announce that we have room to expand our rescue efforts.we have several animals that could use companions like a spider monkey named Jojo, a squirrel monkey named Lucy and a couple kinkajous. If you are needing to relocate your animals please think of our facility thank you ??

  • Name: Tina
  • Posted: 10/01/2023
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  • Location: Travelers Rest, SC
  • ID #77396

I'm looking for a male Geoffrey cat.

  • Name: Stephanie Roberts
  • Posted: 10/01/2023
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  • Location: Willis, TX
  • ID #77392

Looking for racoon pup with Vaccinations

  • Name: Paul Reed
  • Posted: 09/29/2023
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  • Location: Chicago, IL
  • ID #77387

I’m looking for a healthy Serval kit preferably male that I can make payments on with a responsible breeder. I’m looking to pay $3000.00 total making payments of $500.00 every month for 6 months straight. I’m experienced with Caracal cats and Bobcats. I have not pets currently but still have the enclosures I used for my old Caracals before passing. I would like to get a Serval now.

Willing to pay up to $3,000 for the right fit. Looking for a Siberian Chipmunk. My wife and I had one for years before she recently passed away of old age. The chipmunk would be very well taken care of, being the only pet in the house. Can provide pictures of the living space the chipmunk would be in. Last chipmunk had run of the house as we were able to chipmunk proof most rooms.

  • Name: Steve Martin
  • Posted: 09/28/2023
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  • Location: West falls, NY
  • ID #77375

Baby chipmunk wanted

  • Name: Carlos Osorio
  • Posted: 09/27/2023
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  • Location: Joplin, MO
  • ID #77352

We're looking to purchase an affordable monkey or baby monkey for my wife we lost our 26 year old son and a motorcycle was killed in a motorcycle and my wife has suffered tremendously for the loss of our son he wasn't normal behind alone Monkeys YouTube to help because she's real attached the monkeys I don't know if she just doesn't stop looking at Monkey videos monkeys magazines everything's up to monkeys it Comforts her and distract her pain for the rest of my son so we can find one that would be great please I'd like to purchase one if anybody can help me let me know

  • Name: Jake
  • Posted: 09/26/2023
  • Email: Email this poster
  • Location: Orono, ME
  • ID #77340

I'm looking for a Sable as I think they are really cute and have always wanted to take care of one. Ferrets are cool but I thought a Sable would be a lot more special.

Looking for a colobus monkey, a male or female Java macaque and a female rhesus macaque to add to our troops. We specialize in rehomed primates and Provide a permanent home

In search of a female Muntjac fawn, preferably leaf muntjac. In the process of obtaining a permit. She will be the most spoiled deer ever with the run of the house, yard, and plenty of fresh fruit. Willing to pay good money and extra if you were willing to litter box train her before transferring her to me! Please email me.

  • Name: Keith Scherzinger
  • Posted: 09/22/2023
  • Email: Email this poster
  • Location: CONNERSVILLE, IN
  • ID #77289

I am looking for a breeder of red foxes. I am located in central Indiana.

Very eager to find a Marmoset, or possible Squirrel Monkey, will consider juvenile but prefer a baby. Everything is ready, just hopeful to find a baby that isn't 12 hours away. Thanks

Hi everyone, I am looking for someone that raises/breeds guanacos. If you or someone you know does send me a email!

Thank you