Find an Exotic Animal

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  • Name: Claudia Shapiro
  • Posted: 09/18/2023
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  • Location: , FL
  • ID #77229

I'm looking to adopt an older Savannah cat, ideally a retired F2 female breeder, who is good with dogs, likes going outside on a leash, and is used to traveling. Kid-free household located in South Florida.

  • Name: Ryan
  • Posted: 09/17/2023
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  • Location: Oxford, CT
  • ID #77221

We have a small family farm and like to offer our families additional small critters outside of prairie dogs and rabbits. If you are a large breeder or supplier of exotics please give me a call or text.

We are looking for 50 hedgehogs and at least 20 sugar gliders at a time per order. We will also consider other mammal critter types.

We could travel and pick up or you can ship to closest airport.

  • Name: crystal Ditommasso
  • Posted: 09/17/2023
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  • Location: WILMINGTON, DE
  • ID #77218

Want a newborn macaque. Have already been scammed out of $7900. Please

Looking for any Duprasi aka fat tail gerbil in the US. Im willing to make all transport arrangements. Please e-mail me to discuss further.

  • Name: Jennifer Rodi
  • Posted: 09/12/2023
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  • Location: Spartanburg, SC
  • ID #77149

Looking for a pigtail baby monkey ? pictured on this add email

I am disabled looking for a baby primate to raise and make my own personal service monkey I am disabled 49 yr old female and I would love this baby unconditionally

Gender does not matter will take male or female TIA

  • Name: Sarah Wickham
  • Posted: 09/11/2023
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  • Location: San Tan Valley, AZ
  • ID #77140

Looking for capybara pup, preferably female.

  • Name: Celeste Martinez
  • Posted: 09/11/2023
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  • Location: Sault ste marie, MI
  • ID #77132

Hello My name is Celeste i live in Michigan, I’m looking for a monkey im stuck between a Red Handed Tamarins and a capuchin monkey. If you have any of those kinda babys that would be amazing!

  • Name: James
  • Posted: 09/10/2023
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  • Location: McEwan, TN
  • ID #77118

I looking for 2 female javas the age I would like they around 4 to 6 years

Breeding aged male and female pair

  • Name: Brooklyn
  • Posted: 09/09/2023
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  • Location: Phoenix, AZ
  • ID #77104

Hi, I live in AZ im looking for a Coati perfuribly female. So please let me no it anybody is selling one

  • Name: Anna
  • Posted: 09/07/2023
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  • Location: San Miguel, CA
  • ID #77081

I’m looking to buy squirrels for myself! I’m in California, anyone able to ship out here?

Needing a Capybara to come to Memphis, TN on 22 October 2023 from 5pm to 6pm for a wedding surprise for my groom. I would like it to be the surprise ring bearer.

  • Name: Taina
  • Posted: 09/02/2023
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  • Location: Jersey City, NJ
  • ID #77036

I am looking for a friendly Meerkat to adopt. If anyone is looking to sell their Meerkat, please contact me.

Looking for 4-5 female cavies please let me know if you have any for sale.

  • Name: Jenny Marie Ridge
  • Posted: 08/25/2023
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  • Location: Sweetwater, TN
  • ID #76938

Capuchin monkey or one of 10 to 18 inches in stature. Husband and wife have no kids together And want forever family

I have absolutely everything I need. I do have experience, and I completely understand the pricing and such. I'm looking for one as close to Indiana as possible. Thank you!

  • Name: Malik
  • Posted: 08/23/2023
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  • Location: Springfield, MA
  • ID #76922

Looking for exotic animals, wholesale preferably baby marms, any monkeys, cats small and large

Birds, looking for a hyacinth macaw, for cats servals and ocelots and show me what ever Else u have lions interested in all.. text me at +1 (347) 324-4859

  • Name: Shannon Lane
  • Posted: 08/22/2023
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  • Location: , TN
  • ID #76917

Looking for a Marmoset for a lonely mom that has some empty nest going on. Will be loved like a child needs that baby to fill my heart.

  • Name: Leisa Shepard
  • Posted: 08/20/2023
  • Email: Email this poster
  • Location: Elberta, AL
  • ID #76885

Baby Otter

Hello! I looking for a male baby Virginia opossum near Minnesota I’m willing to drive to neighboring states. Ever since I was a child I’ve always loved opossums and have always wanted to have one to love and call my own. If this is you PLEASE reach out to me! Thank you!