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Owning a Fox as a pet

There has been a lot of research lately around domesticating foxes. Even though these wild animals are full of energy, in the right environment they can become an important part of any family. However, there are still some drawbacks of owning a fox. In this article, we will study both the ups and downs of owning a pet fox, outlining the importance of keeping your pet in a safe environment.

Neutered arctic male fox

  • Price: $400.00
  • Name: Tracie
  • Posted: 12/27/2020
  • Phone: (740)398-5177
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: Ohio

I have a 4 year old very tame polar blue male arctic for $400. He was one of my breeeders, but I had to get him neutered to save his life. He is not food aggressive, loves to have his back and head scratched. He doesn’t liked to be picked up, 4 on th...

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Female Fennec Fox

  • Name: Nicole
  • Posted: 12/17/2020
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: Florida

Beautiful 6 year old female fennec looking for a new mate. She is shy and doesn’t like to be picked up but takes food from my hands and loves mealworms. Housed outdoors with a pair and gets along great, I’m downsizing and would like to see her go wit...

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Neutered male arctic fox

  • Price: $400.00
  • Name: Tracie
  • Posted: 12/02/2020
  • Phone: (740)398-5177
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: Ohio

I have a 4 year old very tame polar blue male arctic for $400. He was one of my breeeders, but I had to get him neutered to save his life. He is not food aggressive, loves to have his back and head scratched. He doesn’t liked to be picked up, 4 on th...

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Parent Raised Fennec Foxes

  • Name: Ryan Blakley
  • Posted: 11/20/2020
  • Phone: 8067410123
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: Texas
  • Website:

I have a litter of 1 male and 2 female Fennec Foxes available. They were born Sept 3, 2020 and are parent reared. and have been separated and are being socialized. $2500 each Please check your state regs prior to contacting me. Thanks, Ryan Bl...

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Feence fox male

  • Price: $575.00
  • Name: Jeffrey Richards
  • Posted: 11/16/2020
  • Phone: 843 340 0907
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: South Carolina

Male fennec fox 7-8 yo prove has a eye issue in right eye ....

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Fennec Fox Babies For Sale

  • Name: Ashley Duncan
  • Posted: 11/10/2020
  • Phone: 2102411856
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: Texas
  • Website:

Fennec Fox kits, Bottle raised at our Ranch in Kingsbury Texas. Pickup your baby here, care and food included. Fennec Fox breeder, Fennec fox for sale, Fennec fox as pets, Fennec fox for sale in texas

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Fennec Fox Kits

  • Name: Shana Meadows
  • Posted: 11/01/2020
  • Phone: 4056847935
  • Email: Email Seller
  • Location: Oklahoma

Fennec fox kits, 2 males and 2 females. One pair unrelated. Very socialized and sweet! USDA accredited facility. Feel free to call or text any questions. Pick up is in Tuttle, Oklahoma or delivery can be arranged for a fee. 405-684-7935

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Should you Choose a Fox?

Before thinking about buying a fox, there are some things you need to know. First of all, owning a fox is not like owning a cat or a dog. These are wild animals and are subject to special regulations. These regulations vary from state to state. For instance, if you live in Arkansas, you cannot import foxes from other 19 states, including Ohio, Texas, Montana or New York. However, you are allowed to catch a fox in the wild and keep it as your pet without any permit. In Indiana, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Virginia, you can also capture foxes in the wild, but you are required to pay a yearly fee of between $15 and $30. In Illinois and other several states you are not allowed to capture a fox in the wild, but you have to purchase one from the store or a licensed breeder. In most of these states, you need to keep your fox in a pen at all times. Therefore it is important to check up with your state’s specific regulations regarding foxes as pets.

Another important thing you need to know is that foxes have to be domesticated. You need to be ready to spend time domesticating them if you really want to reap the benefits of owning a fox as a pet.

Domesticating a fox

Domestication is much more than taming. If domesticated, a fox can exhibit affection towards you. Domestication includes breeding, offering attention, playing with your fox and careful monitoring. A good daily habit includes walking your fox on a leash. However, you need to ensure that it is legal in your state to walk your fox around.

Patting and brushing your fox should also be part of your daily interactions with your little pet. As she gets to know you, you should make sure you treat her kindly and show her that you are not the master here, but the friend. The fox should be used to you touching it all over so that way when a vet touches the fox for health checkups, the fox will already be used to it/

Housing a fox - The Importance of a Secure Environment

One of the most important aspects of owning a fox as a pet is housing. Foxes can live either outside or inside, but it is recommended to construct a comfy housing that fits your new pet. Because foxes are extremely active creatures, they need a large pen of at least 200 square feet. When building the fence, dig down about 2 feet in the ground and put the fence in the hole in order to prevent foxes from digging and escaping the pen. Additionally, top off the fence in order to prevent the fox from climbing out. There are many reported cases where the fox has managed to escape the pen by climbing out of it.

In addition to the fence, you should purchase or build a big dog house and equip it with blankets and hay. Do not forget about the food.

A Healthy Diet - Enable your Fox to Enjoy Life

Usually, foxes eat fruits, vegetables and small animals when wandering in the wild. However, you can also feed your fox raw meat, fish and top-quality dog food. Grown foxes consume about 1.5 pounds of food per day. Carrots and cabbage are a must in a healthy diet, as they help improve the digestive process. However, try not to feed your fox potatoes and tomatoes. In the end, the quality of your fox’s diet can be noticed by the condition of the fur.

The Bottom Line

Owning a fox as a pet is definitely a one-in-a-lifetime experience, both exciting and time-consuming. Try to make your fox feel as comfortable as possible by playing with her regularly, providing a shelter, food & water and by using a vacuum, shampoo, brush and nail clippers to keep her clean. In the end, your fox will be more than grateful for everything you’ve done for her.

A group of foxes are called a skulk or a leash.
The male fox is called a reynard
The female fox is called a vixen
A baby fox is called a kit.


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