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Tigers for sale
Tigers for sale
Tigers for sale


Tigers are a large, strong, and very dangerous cat with the ability of taking down a 500 lb antelope. It is also a strong territorial swimmer. A male tiger covers up to a 40 mile territory and female territories of up to 7 miles. Males identify their territories by scattering fieces and urine and do not cope well with the rest of the males.

Tiger are the largest member of the cat (felid) family. In most cases, they appear in thick reddish coats plus white and black tails and bellies. Their bodies, heads, limbs and tails have narrow brown, black or gray stripes. Their are nine subspecies; Siberian, Bengal, Indochinese, Sumatran, South Chinese, Malayan, Javan, Caspian and Bali. Though Bali, javan and Caspian are becoming extinct both in the wild and as endangered.

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Tigers as pets

White Tiger

Generally, big cats such as tigers and lions are the most awe inspiring and beautiful animals. Therefore, People often get intrigued keeping them as pets. Owners are required to keep in mind that even the smaller of the non domestic cats, such as servals and bobcats, are not at all like domestic cats. In that, diverse species have got different temperaments and can exhibit unwanted cat behavior from aggression to urine marking. So, it is a huge responsibility and commitment to appropriately care for them.

Tigers are surprisingly inexpensive and easy to purchase as pets. Meaning, anyone is capable of owning a large influential carnivore whether they are properly equipped to care for them or not. In the Canada and US, Pet tigers have been involved in a number of mauling and fatalities in recent years. Nevertheless, more pet tigers and even other big cats end up abused, neglected or given up to sanctuaries in a case where their owners are not in a position to care for them.


Tigers are known to occupy a multiplicity of habitats from evergreen forest, woodlands, grasslands, tropical forest and also the rocky country. However, they are typically nocturnal {active during the night} and are waylaying predators relying on camouflage due to their stripes.

What do Tigers eat?

Ambar deer, water buffalo, wild pigs and antelope are the main diet and any other food that can get in to their opportunistic paws makes up its diet. They are also known to hunt dogs, sloth bears, crocodiles, leopards and monkeys as well as pythons and hares. While injured and old tigers, are known to attack domestic cattle and humans.

The amount of food for pet tigers vary with species but in any case, still a 300 lb pet tiger eat much more than an adult human being and house cat diet (food) put together. Domesticated and non domesticated Tigers eat meat, and in large amount. They will eat a minimum of 10 pounds of meat (5000 kcal) daily for up to 20 years and this excludes the supplements and vitamins needed to add to the diet.

Additionally, a commercially prepared meat blend (enclosing primarily horse meat) and also bones are offered to pet tiger as this aid in natural chewing and nutrition. But research shows that these commercial diets only are not actually what a pet tiger needs. Usually, they are deficient in taurine and with too much amount of Vitamin A and other ingredients. Each food varies as so to the individual tiger's requirements in a particular activity, species, season and other factors).

According to Animal scientists, a raw meat diet is the preferred source of protein for tigers. However, pet owners may be required to supplement this with other nutrients.


The main reason for Tiger's large enclosure is to offer enrichment opportunities. Tigers naturally need and are habitual in utilizing their brains to play with things, catch things, climb, jump and explore. This adds to its good health because a bored tiger is definitely an unhealthy tiger.

In Zoos normally, large plastic balls are used for the tigers to jump on in pools, so, it is advisable to present the tiger with hanging containers with food inside, or even areas to ascend to it. Tigers do and can get bored and depressed without good enrichment.


The moment a tiger cub gets adequately big and with energy to push, it will be a bad idea to wrestle or play with them. Since their play bites is likely to cause serious injuries or even death to a person! Unfortunately, it is hard to predict tiger's behavior since they are still wild animals at heart. So, it is good to remember the huge commitment of time, space, and money that they require.

Enclosures/Housing a Tiger

Tigers need a lot of space to climb, swim and jump. While in the wild they roam for several miles of land and this is one thing several people can't access. Tigers house should include a large plot of fenced in property with good access to small lakes or ponds, shelters and trees since this is what a pet tiger needs to be safe from the world or to keep the people around safe.

Reproduction (breeding)

Breeding (mating) generally happens when the females are about 4 years of age. A female will give off a strong scent which attracts a male to her while in estrus. The mating Season of tigers is normally around November all the way to April (tropical climates) and during the winter in temperate regions. Tigers have a gestation period of 103 days and with the ability to litter 3 to 4 cubs.

It will take Cubs 8 weeks following their mother after which they become independent at 18 months old. After 2 and a half years a cub will leave their mothers who all along have been guarding them from wandering males which normally kill them.

Hybrids-albinos Tiger barb

The Albino Tiger barb is adored by a large number of aquarists and shunned by others. It should be understood that Albinism is a genetic condition which is caused by a particular combination of the recessive alleles in DNA. The Albino Tiger therefore, inherits this trait from both its parents. It is the lack of pigmentation and so the Albino Tiger looks very pale in contrast to the ordinary Tiger.

If one is seriously looking for a pet tiger, it is recommended that s/he have an understand the huge commitment of time, space and money that is required, otherwise the tiger will not be good for you or the tiger.


  • Me on June 3
    Although i love tigers and owning one would be great. I do think they deserve more. Especially if the person doesn't have more than 5 acres for the tiger. Tigers deserve the world and they really are great. But normal people that believe they can care for a tiger should not own one. If your going to buy one. Take responsibility and maybe teach the tiger a few instincts. Don't think your going to bond with it right away either not just anyone can raise one of the magnificent animals. Please be responsible and have these guys best life in mind.
  • Jace on May 30
    Where can I buy one?
  • Mike on May 26
    There are more tigers in Texas than all of the wild combined. Save the species and adopt.
  • Don Hill on May 15
    This is directed to the author of the comment who calls himself, “nice”. It is 100% impossible to take a wild killing machine and domesticate it at your house and yard. A tiger or lion or Jaguar have deeply imbedded instincts to kill in order to eat. Again, it is impossible to make a huge, 500 pound killing machine, and turn it into a cute, loving pet in one generation. It takes many, many generations to cause them to become domesticated. That’s also true of small wild cats like bobcats, Lynx, cheetahs, servals and all other wild cats.
  • Don Hill on May 15
    Again, those of you who are saying that it’s ok to own a tiger, lion, or Jaguar, are seriously demented. They are killing machines. They look cool and even cute, but the bottom line is that they are wild animals, and will kill you. It’s instinctive for them. The idiots who are saying that it is ok to buy and keep a lion, tiger, or Jaguar, are like telling yourself that you want to be killed and eaten. It’s instinctive for them. Do not buy and keep a killing machine.
  • Don Hill on May 15
    DO NOT buy a tiger. You are hurrying their extinction if you do buy one. Plus, it has deeply imbedded impulses to kill when they are hungry. They have killed owners while being held hostage by a human. Do the right thing and leave them alone. Most tigers need a huge space to roam and hunt. PLEASE, leave them in their natural habitats.
  • Waleed abdulwahid Janahi on May 12
    I love tigers this is my favourite animals in the world it's beautiful big cats
  • Victoria Alejandra Martinez Agudelo on May 4
    don't buy exotic animals,tiger were created to be in a jungle no in you're house and if you want a pet adopt from a animal shelter many dogs and cats deserve love and a family so adopt and don't buy hybryid animal they still wild and they are just a mixed between a domestic animal and a wild one so adopt the animals that were born wild were born wild for a reason and non of those animals should be a pet
  • Victoria on May 4
    don't buy exotic animas, tigers were created to be in the jungle no in you're house if you want a pet go to the animal shelter many dogs and cat deserve a chance to be loved and get a family
  • Mayank on May 3
    I love tigers 😍
  • animals on April 28
    how much does a tiger cost
  • Bryleigh on April 23
    i always wanted a tiger and i know it is not right that's why i want to get a baby to start fresh and teach not to eat me i love them so much and whe it grows up i will let it be in the wild so it will not be lock away forever :><:
  • Nice on April 20
    Y'all saying not to buy tigers is stupid..... as long as the owner can provide them with a good habitat and all of their needs its fine. You say tigers are a "free spirited" animal but so were domestic cats, dogs, horses, etc.
  • Ness on April 16
    To Jake, tigers do have feelings and emotions. But just because they love you doesn't mean you should keep them. They are animals that are meant to be in the wild, not in an enclosed yard. They roam hundreds of miles of territory, not a fenced area. Tigers live and hunt for thier food, not have it fed to them. These tigers commonly get depressed or sickly because they are bored and dont have to right living conditions. Tigers should be left in their home, not stolen as cubs and raised by humans to make money or be "cool." Also, if you feed tigers they see you as their source of food. If one day they are hungry and you don thave food, things can turn real nasty real quick. Of course, tigers who are raised in captivity can't return to the wild because they had no wild mother to teach them how to survive. These tigers should go in zoos, not in your backyard or cage. We can prevent this. Stop buying these animals, and the people selling them won't have enough money, then they can't take anymore wild tiger cubs, which means more happy, living free tigers. Also, these are endagered speices, so please leave them in the wild so they can have more genetic diversity and they can repopulate again. owning a tiger just means a short life for that tiger. please stop the exotic pet trade. it's cruel. I really hope you will read this and make a difference. It starts with you, the costumers. Best wishes, Ness
  • Bruce on April 13
    You say people shouldn’t buy a tiger as they shouldn’t be kept in a cage then you say they are made for the wild OR a zoo come off it lol you carol baskin talking sausages
  • Sego on April 12
    I just watched a video about 15 unbelievable animals for pets, and a tiger was on there. They just look so cute and playful, I really want one as a pet. It would take a lot of work to care for an animal that big, but I think it would be really fun having a wild animal as a pet. My parents always say I am obsessed with animals, and I AM!! I want dogs, cats, parrots, cows, snakes, guinea pigs, and foxes. All I have right now are chickens, dogs, and a guinea pig😟. Though I do think wild animals should stay wild and have a fun time living on the forest floors, I think that having a pet tiger would be extraordinarily fun! I did not read the article so could somebody please tell me how much tigers cost?
  • Jose iniguez on April 11
    I’m interested in buying a cub
  • Anonymous on April 8
    Please do not buy them. They deserve to be either in the wild or in a sanctuary where they can be social with their own species. They are NOT pets.
  • Scuds_O.D🦅 on April 8
    A tiger is my dream pet🥰🥰
  • Blake on April 6
    All of you that say tigers are not pets they are actually loving animals and they are nice. It can either be your best friend or your death. So stop saying bad things about them. It would be your luck that they would eat you. If you feed them what they like then they won't eat you obviously. If someone decides they want a tiger and have the right environment at home of course with the appropriate fencing around the property then and the funds then there is nothing wrong with that. Hateful f*****s. They are huge cats that can actually remember faces. They have feelings just like your hateful ones. Do some research before posting pointy comments.
  • anon. on March 25
    i think buying the tiger is easy. but the amount of money you need to have a habitat large enough and good enough for them to run and climb and swim is tremendous. if one is thinking of buying a tiger. work on the enclosure first. DO NOT STICK THEM IN THE HOUSE WITH YOU! these big cats are not to be messed with or taken advantage of
  • Sherry on March 17
    Do not buy exotic animals ! Tigers are made for the wild or a zoo not someone who thinks they can care for a big cat
  • Kayla on March 16
    Keeping any exotic animal is just fine as long as the owner is prepared and understand properly what they are doing. These animals can no longer return to the wild. Most exotic rescues are already full and cannot take them, plenty of rescues have been proven to kill and sell the furs of exotic animals for profits. Responsible owners are the best hope for these animals in captivity.
  • Calvin K Lundy on March 9
    I want a Bengal tiger. 🐯🐅
  • Pj on March 9
    Wow, come on people, have respect for the animals u say u "LOVE SO MUCH!" If u truely loved them, u would never want to see them in a cage out of the wild... U cant take them back an just release them, most are breed in a cage.. wouldnt be able to SURVIVE in the wild, so bread to be in a cage their intire life... they dont like it, we would u? Yes so cute as babies, then they grow up??? Then what, give them to a rescue place, cuz now u cant hold it snuggle it.. it's not a house cat.. or u plan on defanging and declawing it.. they still can kill u.. and anyone that says they LOVE TIGERS, that want to incurage illegal breeding and sales!! REALLY DONT LOVE THE ANIMAL, U LOVE THE IDEA, U LOVE THE LOOK!! BUT CANT TRUELY LOVE THE ANIMAL TO WANT TO CAGE IT UP FOR LIFE!! U CANT DECIDE OK ILL LET IT FREE SOMEWHERE... THEY DONT NO HOW TO SURVIVE AFTER LIVING IN A CAGE.... love them at a far, support the cause of keeping them safe, stop illegal purchases, an stop breeding for cash... More baby tigers are killed b4 reaching adulthood.. if not sold, or not making money, cost to care for them out weighs the money they make.. their killed.. keep count of babysitting to sales, to on hand amounts.. Not the fault of sellers, theirs a demand, stop the demand we stop the killing an breeding.
  • sarah on March 4
    I love animals but its not right to keep them stranded in your house. this guy grew up with a lion but when the lion grew up the lion ate the man. please Don`t kill animals tells friends and family and anyone that will intend on killing them you can make a huge difference show this to your parents and help the Earth pick up trash and try to be a different person
  • Andrew S Lung on March 4
    I would love to get a baby white 🐅 for my lovely wife
  • Annabelle loves tigers!🐯 on March 3
    I too think all should be free but........................ I WANT A PET TIGER NOW
  • Me on February 25
    Where is it legal to own any of these animals?
  • Sierra on February 18
    I want a baby tiger so I can train it at a young age to a big cat.
  • Tim on February 15
    Id be dope to own one but sounds like a big responsibility to keep healthy and happy. Requires commitment so definitely not the right animal for someone to half ass as being an owner.
  • Anonymous on February 8
    Don't buy an exotic animal it's harmful they are WILD animals and are meant to stay that way It will hurt them and you.
  • geo endrei M.Esteves on February 8
    i want baby tiger
  • B.D on February 7
    I've love tigers since I was little and I know I will adopt one when I'm older.
  • Hey on February 6
    Do your research people and remember not to buy on impulse. If you're looking for a specific personality trait in an animal, specifically a tiger (for example a tiger that will cuddle you), there is no guarantee that you will get what you're looking for.
  • Tarek on February 1
    I am interested in tigers
  • Tiger lover 25 on January 31
    Owning tigers is wrong! The are free spirited animals!!
  • April Wilson on January 23
    White tiger and monkeys how much do they cost
  • Kaan Apaydinli on January 11
    Where can I buy a tiger
  • Joel on January 4
    Tigers are amazing
  • Maryam on December 17
    Tigers are so cute!😍😍
  • Adrian on December 15
    I love baby tigers they're so cute
  • Bella on December 11
    Joe Exotic, is that You?
  • bubbles on December 11
    I like tigers.......... but these should be free and this is probebly illligal
  • laken on December 6
    I whant a baby tiger
  • StopDoingThis on December 4
    Guys Stop saying set them free most are hand cared for and won't be able to survive so please stop.
  • Tom on December 1
    TIGERS are my spirit animal, I love TIGERS, where can I buy a TIGER
  • Charmante on November 19
    I live Tigers so I would never own one. Sigh.... I need to find a housecat that looks like one!
  • Angel on November 17
    I would like to buy a babie tiger where can I actually buy one & own it I’m really down to take care of one
  • Anonymous on November 16
    PLEASE DONT BUY AN EXOTIC ANIMAL IMPULSIVLEY!!! they are wild animals and you need to LEGALLY be able to own one without a backdoor! TIGERS ARE NOT PETS!
  • Macy on November 13
    It's not good to own exotic pets, it's better to leave them in their own habitat. Just because you like tigers "so much", doesn't mean you should own one.
  • Texas on November 13
    Only an idiot would buy a Tiger for a pet. I don't feel sorry for them getting mauled. They get what they ask for. Spend the money on their conservation. The stupid people commenting on here. Ignorance I swear !
  • Quotes on October 30
    Can I buy a Liger it's my dream pet
  • Aj on October 21
    Tigers are my spirit animals!
  • Joey Perfecto on October 19
    I would like to legally buy a golden tiger cub can u help me out?
  • Cheryl on October 11
    I love tigers
  • Josh on October 9
    I love em
  • Ruben Garcia on October 7
    I would love to own a TIGER
  • Anonymous on October 5
    No person should own a exotic pet they all should be put free in the wild!
  • Lluna on September 27
    Wow amazing the tigers look so beautiful and they look like there in good health I am gist happy the animals is with good people😁🐯🦊🐺
  • Joyce van Heugten on September 26
    If you really love tigers, you let them live the life they deserve; in freedom!
  • brooklyn hooks on September 12
    Hi I live in California and I was wondering if I can get a baby tiger I love all kinds of wild and exotic animals and I have a few of my own and I would just like to add a baby tiger to the list.
  • Marquise uranga on August 28
    I love tiger I want to buy one I have the money to Afford one where can I buy a baby tiger as a pet
  • katie on August 28
    tigers are so cute!!
  • Rosemary on August 27
    I read tiger books . My spirit animale is a tiger
  • tallulah on August 23
    i reallllyy want to buy a tiger
  • sagger69 on August 19
    so cool where can i buy one
  • Natalie Persaud on August 8
    How can I get a tiger from you guys like what is the process of getting one?
  • Jeffrey McNabb on August 6
    How much for it?
  • Devin Ayala on August 5
    Would like to know more info please.
  • Mary on August 5
    I like white tigers because I know that thay are special and thay all have problems so this is why I want a tiger a white tiger
  • Summer on July 18
    I LOVE tiger's SO MUCH