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  • Name: Tina L Rochester
  • Posted: 12/29/2021
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  • Location: Travelers Rest, SC
  • ID #68419

I'm looking for a male Geoffrey cat that will breed domestics. Or an adult breeding pair

Looking for bobcat kitten serval kitten or Bengal kitten

Looking for bobcat

  • Name: Sean
  • Posted: 12/28/2021
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  • Location: Gulfport, MS
  • ID #68402

I am looking for a baby macaque or a monkey of the size but mainly wish to get a baby macaque to train as a emotional support animal I am a United States Veteran I suffer from ptsd and I have a limit to buy one 3,000$ is a fair amount I would think for anyone that does breed them and would like to help out a United States Army Veteran?!? If so please contact me via text with photos of the baby videos of it and to plan a video call so I can see it I am looking for ages between 2-6 weeks old infantile age I have a lot of experience with these creatures and have licenses governed by the United States Courts my last companion Monkey passed away over 3 months ago she lived to the good age of 23 which is not normal for a home bound pet but with all I have learned and anything that is abusive to the creature I do not condone. If there is anyone out there welling to sale me one for my problem I will gladly be more than welling to buy it I live In the Southern States So anywhere between Mississippi- Florida I can travel!! Again I am a United States Army Vet I have almost 30 years of practice with these animals I treated my last one like my best friend my companion she went everywhere with me had her diet perfectly aligned with what they are supposed to eat no form of forced bipedal nothing she died from age and natural causes her ashes I still have and I miss her deeply looking for a female but will take a male can be anytype of Macaque even one from Florida I do not mind

Thank you very Much!!


Text first Call second Send photos of the baby ages that I will accept will be 2-6 weeks but will accept a 8 week old also buying price is fair I do believe since the market is now flooded.

I’m trying to find a exotic pet breeder or seller. Looking for a marmoset or possibly another species of primate but it’s very hard to find a local exotic pet dealer lots of scams.

  • Name: Michael S Trobridge
  • Posted: 12/26/2021
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  • Location: Union City, IN
  • ID #68381

I want a baby raccoon to love and take care of and give it a forever home