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  • Posted: 01/28/2020
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  • Location: TULLAHOMA, TN
  • ID #58476

I am currently in search of a serval kitten to raise and take into a forever home, the cat will go to a loving home and absolutely willing to talk over the phone for an interview. (931)434-1990

  • Name: brandon wyss
  • Posted: 01/27/2020
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  • Location: Florence, KS
  • ID #58467

I'm looking for a baby honey badger

  • Name: Chayen
  • Posted: 01/25/2020
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  • Location: Samut Sakorn, NA
  • ID #58432

Wanted a male and female asian small clawed claw otter baby.

  • Name: Lexi Gamache
  • Posted: 01/23/2020
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  • Location: St. Louis, MO
  • ID #58418

Looking for an arctic fox, would like a younger fox. Gender doesn't matter

  • Name: Gloria Wippler
  • Posted: 01/23/2020
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  • Location: Emerado, ND
  • ID #58417

I'm looking to buy a lemur adult or baby. Has to have usda regulation tests n paperwork to travel into ND.

Needing a male java around 2.5, needing a female green monkey around 1 years old, looking for breeding pairs

  • Name: Brandon Doe
  • Posted: 01/22/2020
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  • Location: N/a, WA
  • ID #58396


  • Name: Allen King
  • Posted: 01/22/2020
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  • Location: Venus, TX
  • ID #58395

My wife and I decided to turn our 4 acres of property into a USDA licenced and recognized primate sanctuary/rescue after the loss of our 34 year old capuchin (passed away from old age). We are up and running and looking for our first permanent resident. We will take babies and full grown primates of any breed, rehomes, or unwanted adult pets are all welcome. We invite you to come check out our facility and take a tour before handing over your beloved baby, so you can be assured they are in a great home with top notch care. My wife is a Vet and has owned primates her entire life and also has a bachelor's in Primatology. She currently teaches multiple classes about proper primate husbandry and enrichment for new and seasoned monkey owners. If you have a pet to rehome or a rescue you would like us to take in please contact me at 817-602-0034. If I do not answer I am probably busy working on our new enclosures, so you would please leave a text message with your name and reason for your call and I will get with you as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Allen & Angela King

  • Name: Selena Wong
  • Posted: 01/22/2020
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  • Location: , NC
  • ID #58390

Male or female, and no more then 2000$ and those 3 because I used to have 3 marmoset so I know about them and have done research on the others

Hello there! I am looking to raise a baby Macaque or vervet (green) Monkey. I am looking for someone that works with these type and have a baby for purchase. Looking to adopt at a younger age to increase bonding and nurture. Please email me at if you have more information. Thank you!

  • Name: John
  • Posted: 01/21/2020
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  • Location: Arlington, TX
  • ID #58373

I currently own a female cinnamon capuchin that I rescued from a family that could not provide proper care and husbandry. With that being said I am looking for another unwanted pet monkey, or a baby green monkey, owl monkey, java macaque, or another capuchin to keep her company. Usually breed is a strong issue when mixing primates but she absolutely loves any other monkey she has ever came in contact with. Please contact me (send me a text with pictures and info) as soon as possible with what you have available and I would like to make it happen as soon as I can. Thank you!