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I am looking for ferrets. Male and female. Preferably not spayed or neutered to add to breeding program. Located in West Virginia but willing to travel or arrange transport.

  • Name: Natalie s.
  • Posted: 03/10/2023
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  • Location: Greer, SC
  • ID #74646

i'm looking for a male/female pair in SC,NC,GA, or TN

please email me if you have a/know about a pair for sale. i may buy just a female. my price range for a pair is any price below $2,000, and for just a female is below $1,000.


  • Name: Heather Denaker
  • Posted: 03/07/2023
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  • Location: Bullhead city, AZ
  • ID #74602

I am in search of a young ringtail. AKA Ringtail cat

  • Name: Janel French
  • Posted: 03/07/2023
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  • Location: North Port, FL
  • ID #74600

Looking for a young friendly ferret to be friends with my girl.

Baby nutria

  • Name: Brooke Sifert
  • Posted: 03/06/2023
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  • Location: Covington, LA
  • ID #74588

Looking for a breeding pair of Asian small clawed otters.

  • Name: Monica & Donnie McWright
  • Posted: 03/03/2023
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  • Location: Coleman, TX
  • ID #74565

We have been looking for a long time to adopt a baby or a monkey that needs a home. We are loving and caring and very devoted to give the addition to our family a very long and happy life with us. So please contact us with any questions, thank you and God bless

  • Name: Chris Hillman
  • Posted: 03/02/2023
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  • Location: Tecumseh, NE
  • ID #74561

Wanting baby raccoons and/or baby skunks. Text to 402-416-5406.

I am looking for a serval girl/boy as an inside pet and he/she will have an outdoor play area. I will offer him/her a really good home with tons of love. I would like a serval that is affectionate and good around others. I am not looking to breed at all. I do have prior experience with them. My serval passed a few years ago, and would love to bring one into our home. Price range 1000-2000 that is what I can offer and a great home. Age don’t matter

Thank you!