District of Columbia Exotic Animal Breeders

Monica Skools
  • Email: monicaskools@gmail.com
  • Phone:
  • Website: www.worldexoticsinc.com
  • World Exotics, Inc. We have been serving the Exotic Animal Industry for more than 30 years. We hold Federal License, State License and a USDA License. World Exotics Inc provides animals for Educational Programs, Breeding, TV shows, Zoos and Pets. Sloths, Kinkajous, Lesser Anteaters, Pre-hensile Tail Porcupine, Agoutis, Coatimundi, Armadillo, Squirrels, Paca, Different Possums, Hedge Hogs, Degus, Spiny Mice and other small exotic mammals. Please contact us for more information or e-mail us at monicaskools@gmail.com to add you to our mailing list. Thank you, Gary & Skools Exotics

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