South Dakota Exotic Animal Breeders

Jake Martin
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  • Phone: 8168784976
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  • Hedgehogs & sugar gliders
mike robertson
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  • Phone: 16054811224
  • Address: 38963 305th st wagner sd 57380
  • sheep0 audas sika fallow deer
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  • Phone: 605-880-2267
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  • Northern Plains Hedgehogs is a USDA Licensed African Pygmy Hedgehog breeder located in South Dakota, and serving the upper Midwestern States. We strive to produce quality, healthy hedgehogs that are well-socialized.

    We mainly produce Algerian Hedgehogs, but also have White-Bellied. More information can be obtained on our website.
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  • Phone: (605) 463-2141
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  • We here at hedgequarters produce well tempered, Healthy hedgehogs. Our colors are mostly potnied salt and pepper and potnied chocolates and greys we also have other colors as well. We handle the hedgehogs everyday and only have one breeding female and one breeding male so we have lots of time to spend with the babies and ensure their good personalitys. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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