Maryland Exotic Animal Breeders

Marina Agafonova
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  • Phone: 240-370-3207
  • Small hobby hedgehog breeder. We only have a few litters a year. Breeding for color and temperament. We handle out hedgies daily to ensure their friendliness.
    Please call or email for availability.
    We provide education about hedgehog care and support for a life time of our hedgies.
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  • Phone: 301 829-5553
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  • Address: MT.AIRY, MARYLAND
  • GLIDER INVASION is a 20 year established, sugar glider Breeding and Educational Program.

    We strive for the best for ALL involved in our adoptions, with our gliders welfare placed first, customer second,..And then us!
    We supply what is needed with our stylish, safe and convenient sugar glider cages, wheel, pouches, toys and unique glider supplies.
    Our world renowned SUPPLEMENTS and MULTI-VET and MULTI-NUTRIUTIONIST, and Most importantly - "TIME TESTED" DIET, is sent home with every glider pair, to ensure the same healthy pattern is continued. 20 years of expertise is given to every new baby as we as every new parent. But we help you maintain it. We want our gliders to Thrive. Not just survive!
    You should have the very best. After all, that IS what you paid for. ...ISN'T IT?
Glider Invasion Gliders
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  • Phone: (301) 829-5553
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  • Address: Mt. Airy, Maryland
  • Maryland's First and still Top Sugar Glider breeder. We exclusively breed Sugar Gliders. Thus, full time and attention are devoted to their care, as well as full Education for perspective owners. This includes their only 'Time Tested' Diet, and complete after-care.
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  • Phone: 406.548.2657
  • We're a small hobby breeder of African Pygmy Hedgehogs. We keep our herd small so that we can give each hedgehog the attention and care that it needs. Our hedgehogs are socialized from day one, and the hedgehogs we're breeding are commonly used as educational animals in elementary schools. Used to handling, cuddling, and plenty of socialization you won't find a friendlier hedgie.
mercer smith
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  • Phone: 4438342421
  • Address: baltimore md.
  • breeder of sugar gliders,flying squirrels.stos,

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