Texas Exotic Animal Breeders

Coastal Quills Hedgehogs
  • Contact: Coastal Quills Hedgehogs
  • Email: coastalquillstx@gmail.com
  • Phone: 2108164518
  • Website: www.coastalquills.com/availablehedgehogs
  • Address: Beeville
  • African Pygmy Hedgehogs
Coastal Quills
  • Contact: Lindsey Taylor
  • Email: coastalquillstx@gmail.com
  • Phone: 2108164518
  • Website: www.coastalquills.com
  • Address: Beeville
  • Pedigreed African Pygmy Hedgehogs With health guarantees, lifetime WHS guarantees, and lifelong support
Paul Ressler and Deb Schoenig
  • Contact: Paul Ressler and Deb Schoenig
  • Email: Paulressler60@gmail.com
  • Phone: 214-679-5474
  • Address: 675 CR 36120
    Honey Grove Tx. 75446
  • Miniature cattle,horses, sheep and goats.
    African crested Porcupines, Patagonian Cavies,
    Wallabies, Kangaroos, Haired sheep
    Kinkajou, Sugar gliders, Hedgehogs, Pigeons
    and Jack Russell Terriers.
Best Exotics LLC
  • Contact: Bonnie and Sean Trimbach
  • Email: bestexoticsllc@live.com
  • Phone: 903-733-2398
  • Website: www.bestexoticsllc.com
  • We breed small exotic mammals, invertebrates, and reptiles. We have a listing on our website of all the animals we are working with.
Lone Star Chinchilla
  • Contact: Chuck Yaunk - Lone Star Chinchilla
  • Email: cryaunk@gmail.com
  • Phone: (903) 391-1248
  • Website: http://lonestarchinchilla.com
  • Address: Chandler
  • Baby chinchillas is our main focus and has been since 1996. We also have Coturnix Quail, chicks & eggs.
Hoffman Livestock
  • Contact: Brandi Hoffman
  • Email: hoffmanlivestock18@aol.com
  • Phone: 6619658124
  • Fennec Fox, Watusi, Fallow Deer, Red Deer, Brahman Cattle (Grey and Red), Mini Cattle (Mini Hereford and Lowline) Bobwhite Quail, Pharaoh Quail
Cherokee Trace
  • Email: contact@cherokeetrace.com
  • Phone: 9035973305
  • Website: www.cherokeetrace.com
  • Address: 1200 CR 4405
    Jacksonville, TX 75766
  • Hoof stock
  • Email: Texasqualitybengals@outlook.com
  • Phone: 9154221072
  • Website: https://m.facebook.com/texasqualitybengals/?ref=bo
  • Address: El paso tx
  • We breed show quality bengals with phenomenal structure and we pk/pra test our cats, hcm health tested parents. We are also a felv/fiv and calcivirus free cattery.
  • Email: blackphase1@gmail.com
  • Phone: 806-938-2612
  • Website: http://www.wolves-usa.com/
  • Address: NA
  • "Wolf Pups" High Content, tceleSivly Bread for Apperence and Temperment . Bottle fed , will make great ambassadors for education and film.
    For Info call 806-938-2612
  • Email: lotsofspotsbengals@gmail.com
  • Phone: 619-742-6359
  • Website: www.lotsofspotsbengals.com
  • Address: Dallas
  • Small cattery producing amazing looking and sweet TICA registered Bengal cats.
James Phillips
  • Email: jamesrphillips@gmail.com
  • Phone: 254 495 2677
  • Address: 739 CR 4719 Cumby 75433
  • Breeding Transcaspian Urials,Axis and Fallow deer
Potenza Pets
  • Email: contact@potenzapets.com
  • Phone: NA
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/potenzaexo/
  • Address: NA
  • Hedgehogs
    Ball Pythons
    and More.
Paul Ressler
  • Email: paulressler60@gmail.com
  • Phone: 352-552-1611
  • Website: GentleMiniature.com
  • Address: 695, CR 36120 Honey Grove
  • Kangaroos
    Babydoll Southdown Sheep and Fainting Goats
    Numerous breeds of miniature cattle
Beth Tranquillo
  • Email: tranquilexotics@yahoo.com
  • Phone: (254) 393-0321
  • Website: https://www.tranquilzoo.com/
  • Address: Killeen
  • We occasionally have baby ring-tailed lemurs, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, pygmy goats, peachicks,sulcata tortoises.
Zebras R Us
  • Email: Zebras2u@gmail.com
  • Phone: 9097621669
  • Website: Www.zebrasrus.com
  • Address: East Texas
  • We specialize in gentle exotics. Pasture, pet, and family friendly.
    Zebras, Zedonks, camels, kangaroos, and much more!
  • Email: Paulresser60@gmail.com
  • Phone: 352-652-1611
  • Address: Honey Grove
  • Crested Porcupines, wallabies, red kangaroos, Patagonian Cavies, miniature cattle, kinkajous, hedgehogs,sugar gliders, Nigerian goats and haired sheep
East Texas Highland Lynx Cattert
  • Email: Moltzd@aol.com
  • Phone: 903-714-9676
  • Sell Hyland Lynx Kittens
  • Email: trendyzbengals@gmail.com
  • Phone: 9157300627
  • Address: El Paso , TX
  • Striving to breed healthy family companions with a wild look :)
  • Email: petmeskin_72@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 9903.62.4406
  • Address: 306 n allen st frost tx 76641
  • I have micro /mini pigs
Sacha Gardner & Mandi McKee
  • Email: Beaumont.Exotics@gmail.com
  • Phone: (409) 238-9373 or (409) 543-1432
  • Website: http://exoticpetservicesofbeaumonttx.weebly.com/
  • Address: Beaumont, Texas 77706
  • Thank you for updating our information!
    USDA licensed, Texas Parks & Wildlife permitted, Vet inspected, state registered and insured. We have several programs and offer many exotic pet services: Rescue and Adoptions, Rehabilitation & Re-homing, Hurricane Evacuation Assistance, Educational Programs, Birthday Parties, Grooming and Board for Exotic Pets, Micro-chip Monitoring, Licensed Reputable Breeders and Low Cost Veterinary Visits. Old world & New world Monkeys, Lemurs/Bushbaby, Kinkajou, Coati, Genet, Prairie Dog, Woodchucks, Hedgehog, Tenrec, Opossums, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Sugar Gliders, African Cusimanse, African Crested Porcupines, Parrots, Tortoises, and a wide variety of Reptiles! LIKE Beaumont Exotics on Facebook!
Anabel Natali
  • Email: Nacastro18utep@gmail.com
  • Phone: 9152749559
  • Website: http://www.amoradosbengalscattery.com/
  • Bengal cats
Perry Viator
  • Email: perry@deerparkexotics.com
  • Phone: 409-656-9705
  • Website: www.deerparkexotics.com
  • Address: 6872 Deer Park Ln.
    Lumberton TX. 77657
  • WE are a USDA Breeding facility raising Red Kangaroo and Red Deer for the past 21 years,

    We guarantee the health of our animals.
Carlos Chapa III
  • Email: Jc3exotics@gmail.com
  • Phone: 1-830-370-9323
  • Address: KERRVILLE
  • Selling and capturing all types of exotic hoof stock
Natali Castro
  • Email: Nacastro18utep@gmail.com
  • Phone: 9152749559
  • Website: http://www.amoradosbengalscattery.com/
  • Bengal cats
Dylan Pospisil
  • Email: Indianspringsranchatx@gmail.com
  • Phone: 512-350-4995
  • Website: Www.indianspringsranchatx@gmail.com
  • Address: Manchaca, Texas - just south of Austin
  • Bison, Wagyu, Kangaroos, African crested porcupines, African land turtles and much more
Glenn & Cindy Pawelek
  • Email: glennpawelek@gmail.com
  • Phone: 361-701-6757
  • Address: Orange Grove, Texas
  • Springbok
    Thomson Gazelle
    Red Lechwe
    Transcaspian Urials
Keith Fletcher
  • Email: northtexasexotics@gmail.com
  • Phone: 903-689-2669
  • Website: www.northtexasexotics.com
  • Address: 4690 CR3562
    Dike Texas 75437
  • Watusi, Tibetan Yaks, Miniature Zebu's, Zebra, Kangaroo & other exotic deer breeds
Jeremy Harper & Alison Harper DVM
  • Email: JRHexotics@gmail.com
  • Phone: 210-410-0506
  • Website: JRH Exotics on Facebook
  • Address: Bulverde, Tx
  • We specialize in breeding high quality common & super exotic African hoofstock both pen & ranch raised. We raise Addax, kudu, wildebeest, springbok, grants zebra, eland, Persian ibex, Nubian ibex, markhor, gemsbok, Dama gazelle, impala, sitatunga, transcaspian urial & more.

    We are buyers & sellers of almost every species raised in Tx so please feel free to call or text.

    We facilitate the capture (both aerial & ground) & transport of exotics anywhere in Tx on a daily basis. We are experienced, safe & effective.

    Thank You!
Pam Robertson
  • Email: pam@texasexoticanimals.com
  • Phone: 903-975-1913
  • Website: http://www.texasexoticanimals.com
  • Address: P.O. Box 293
    Mount Vernon, Tx. 75457
  • 8-9-14 ETADPU

    We are a USDA and Texas Parks and Wildlife Coati breeding facility. Coatis are not a business to us, but our hobby. We offer Whitenose and Mountain bottle babies. We also enjoy working with Kinkajous, Genets and Lemurs, we will have a limited number of babies each year for sale. Please visit our website to learn more about these amazing animals.
Daniel McPhate
  • Email: tindysable@gmail.com
  • Phone: 713-232-9771
  • Micro Dwarf Rabbits - Pure breed - 1-2 pounds when full grown.

    Mini Rex Rabbits - Pure breed

    Mini Lop Rabbits - Pure breed

Carissa Bryant
  • Email: carissa@pawsandprickles.com
  • Phone: 830-480-9044
  • Website: www.pawsandprickles.com
  • We raise African Pygmy Hedgehogs. We currently have a very small herd, with only four adult hedgies! Our website is www.pawsandprickles.com
Robin Williams
  • Email: Robindwilliams@sbcglobal.net
  • Phone: 972-752-5364
  • Website: www.bmr-sheep.com
  • Address: 13683 Lackey Dr. Blue Ridge, Tx 75424
  • Southdown Baby doll Sheep
    Southdown Sheep
    Harlequin Sheep
    Jumbo Brown Quail
    Texas A&M Quail
    Snowflake Quail
    Gambel Quail
    Mexican Speckled Quail

    New Zealand Rabbits
Andrew and Audra Pawelek
  • Email: audrapawelek@hotmail.com
  • Phone: 3617727196
  • Address: PO Box 955, Yoakum TX 77995
  • Sable, Kudu and Nayala
Lance Clawson
  • Email: cavemanlance@gmail.com
  • Phone: 512-263-8505
  • Website: www.cavemanwildlife.com
  • Address: 4200 S. IH 35
    Austin Texas
  • We specialize in Pure Nubian Ibex and Transcaspian Urials. Our stock is some of the best in the World. Pictures speak for themselves on our website. We also have monster Whitetails, Impala, Kudu, Red Stag, Gemsbok, Wildebeest and more but our Pure Nubian Ibex for sale in Texas and our Transcaspians are the best of the best.
Jason clay
  • Email: Jasonclay@aol.com
  • Phone: 979-571-6435
  • Address: 4324 w. hwy 79 Franklin , tx 77856
  • African hoof stock camels zebras buffalo kangaroo and wallabys
Jeremy Williams
  • Email: Hunt5j@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 512-922-3764
  • Website: http://www.jmwildlife.com/
  • Address: Cameron, TX 76520
  • We offer top quality exotic animals and purchase and sell hoofstock of all ages. We also buy, sell, breed, capture, transport, and consult ranches. We have a state of the art holding facility for easy loading. We use the best and latest equipment for capture and also offer delivery. Let us help with your next project! We can help with starting a new herd and herd management. We specialize and work with any and all types of exotic animals. Call or email us for all your exotic game and wildlife needs! We look forward to hearing from you, doing business and/or working with you!
Mrs. Gardner
  • Email: Beaumont.Exotics@gmail.com
  • Phone: (409) 679-8288
  • Website: http://www.beaumont-exotics.webs.com/
  • Address: Beaumont, Texas 77701
  • Exotic Pet Services: Grooming & Board, EdZOOcational Presentations, Birthday Parties, Micro-chipping, Low Cost Veterinary Visits, Hurricane Evacuation Assistance, Rescue- Rehabilitation- Re-homing and Adoption Services.
    Primates, Kinkajou, Coati, Genet, Prairie Dog, Hedgehog, Tenrec, Opossums, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Sugar Gliders, Exotic Felines, African Cusimanse, Parrots, Tortoises, and a wide variety of Reptiles.
    USDA licensed, Texas Parks & Wildlife permitted, Vet. Inspected, State Registered
    Like Beaumont Exotics on Facebook~!

Perry Viator
  • Email: boomeroo@att.net
  • Phone: 409-656-9705
  • Website: www.deerparkexotics.com
  • Address: 6872 deer park Ln.Lumberton Texas 77657
  • Raising and breeding red kangaroos and red deer for the past sixteen years visitors welcome to view animals.
Billy Waddle
  • Email: billysanimalrefuge@gmail.com
  • Phone: 325 642 9549
  • Address: 9397 Highway183NorthEarly TEXAS
Aaron Gage
  • Email: gagesgoats@gmail.com
  • Phone: 903-271-3875
  • Website: www.texasibex.com
  • We breed Nubian and Persian Ibex.
Rusty Reed
  • Email: Boxroutfitters@hotmail.com
  • Phone: 325-660-9805
  • Website: Wwwboxroutfitters.com
  • Address: Cross plains Texas 76443
  • Ibex- fallow- buffaloes-4 horns-white and black rams- wild hogs
Bobby Pfiester
  • Email: visionexotics22@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 830-456-5182
  • Address: Fredericksburg,Tx
  • All african hoofstock.We buy animals and offer capture and transport service as well.
Michael Littlejohn
  • Email: mikeeeebx@yahoo.com
  • Phone:
  • Address: County Road 102, Reeves County, Texas
  • Ankole Watusi Cattle, Bison bison and Beefalo
Ron Gleaves
  • Email: rongleaves@northtexasmouflon.com
  • Phone: 469-744-4547
  • Website: www.northtexasmouflon.com
  • Address: 648 E Tripp Rd. Sunnyvale,Tx. 75182
  • We raise and sell pure European Mouflon sheep.
Cathy Cranmore
  • Email: cathy@trilakesexotics.com
  • Phone: 9035882727
  • Website: http://www.trilakesexotics.com
  • Address: 111 FM 21
    Mt Pleasant, TX 75455
  • We specialize in tame healthy bottle babies. Grants zebra, Bactrian camels, dromedary camels, Coatimundi, Red kangaroo, Wallaroo, Patagonian cavy, Capybara, Ring tailed lemur, Kinkajou, Asian small clawed otter, others.
Tyler Cleckley
  • Email: gliderboygliders@aol.com
  • Phone: 832-622-7824
  • Specializing in the rare and exotic sugar glider colors
    Hand-Tamed Kinkajous
    Large Spotted Genets
    Paraguayan Tamanduas
    (Black vested Anteater)
    Other various exotic pets
Simply Exotic Pets
  • Email: courtney3180@gmail.com
  • Phone: 512 659 5151
  • We raise Kinkajous and Ringtailed Lemurs. All of our babies get daily one on one time with us and are exposed to various people and situations.

    If you have a pet you can no longer take care of let us know. Maybe we can help you find another home for it or sell it.

    We are a USDA licensed facility.
Suzette Stidom
  • Email: smstidom@aol.com
  • Phone: 281-590-0426
  • Website: www.sandsexoticanimals.com
  • Address: 1711 Connorvale
    Houston, TX 77039
  • We raise bottle baby small mammals like coatimundis, kinkajous, Bennett's wallabies, mongoose, ringtail lemurs, etc.

    We specialize in pocket pets such as sugar gliders, flying squirrels, hedgehogs, etc.

    We raise a variety of colors of sugar gliders.
  • Email: courtney@simplyexoticpets.com
  • Phone: 512) 659-5151
  • Website: www.simplyexoticpets.com
  • Kinkajous and Ring-Tailed Lemurs. In 2011 we hope to have our first litter of Fennec Fox kits.
    We also have King Charles Cavalier dogs.
Kapi'yva Exotics
  • Email: kapiyvaexotics@gmail.com
  • Phone: USDA# 74-A-1443
  • Website: www.KapiyvaExotics.com
  • USDA licensed breeder of capybara, patagonian cavy, african crested porcupine, kinkajou, leopard cat, cotton top tamarin, etc, etc.
Ron Gleaves
  • Email: rongleaves@northtexasmouflon.com
  • Phone: 469-744-4547
  • Website: http://northtexasmouflon.com
  • Breeders of pure European Mouflon sheep. 30+ inch genetics. We are focused on a breeding program to produce superior Mouflon out of the best genetics. We focus on producing the most colorful animals and continually work to improve horn quality.
Casey McGlaun
  • Email: casey@hilonesomemouflon.com
  • Phone: 940-329-8641
  • Website: www.hilonesomemouflon.com
  • Address: 229 Lakota Lane
    Palo Potni,Tx.76484
  • We raise World Class Pure European Mouflon,Dybowski Sika Deer, Blackbuck Antelope, currently breeding Mouflon with a 5 yr. old ram that exceeds current world record, measures 40.25" X 39.25" specializing in small pen raised Blackbuck and Sika,all our hoofstock is "handfed" fat and healthy, delivery available, visit our website or call today. visitors welcome!
Lonesome Bull Ranch
  • Email: info@lonesomebullranch.com
  • Phone: 361-683-9744
  • Website: www.lonesomebullranch.com
  • Address: Lake Corpus Christi
  • Addax
    Dhal Sheep
    4-Horn Sheep
    Scimitar Horned Oryx
    Water Buffalo
billy kornegay
  • Email: billykornegay@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 979-587-1979
Courtney Cortina-Pineda
  • Email: courtney@simplyexoticpets.com
  • Phone: 512)659-5151
  • Website: www.simplyexoticpets.com
  • Address: Austin
  • USDA licensed breeder of quality hand raised ring-tailed lemurs, kinkajous, fennec foxes, marmosets, and exotic birds.

    Our babies are used in our educational programs until they are ready for their new homes. They are very well socialized, sweet, and loving. Every baby comes with a health guarantee and clean vet exam from our vet.
  • Email: dfwhedgehogs@gmail.com
  • Phone: 4698659066
  • Website: http://www.dfwhedgehogs.com
  • Address: 1490 Valley Ridge Blvd. Ste #110
    Lewisville, TX 75077
  • USDA licensed Hedgehog breeder and rescue. We have babies every month in a variety of colors. Lifetime Genetic Warranty on all babies!
    We also sell hedgehog feed and supplies.
H & D Exotix Deer Farm
  • Email: eyeamdolly2@aol.com
  • Phone: 903-665-9625
  • Website: www.hddeerfarmtours.com
  • Address: 359 P.R. 5730
    Jefferson,Tx. 75657
  • Chinese muntjac, Bennett Wallaby, Fallow Deer, Axis Deer, Nilgai Antelope, Black Buck Antelope, Patagonian Cavy
Pam Robertson
  • Email: pam@texasexoticanimals.com
  • Phone: 903-573-1994
  • Website: http://www.texasexoticanimals.com
  • Address: P.O. Box 293
    Mount Vernon, Texas 75457
  • Currently breeding Mountain Coatis, Kinkajous, Hedgehogs. We are a USDA Licensed facility.
Bobby Pfiester
  • Email: visionexotics22@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 830-456-5182
  • Address: Fredericksburg,Texas
  • We have a large variety of animals to offer.Axis,blackbuck,fallow,sika,gemsbok,kudu,sable ,nyala,sitatunga,zebra,grantsgazelle,thompsons,gazelle,nilgai,oryx,eland,impala and many more.We can help capture any surplus animals you have and assist with transport as well.We are always interested in buying animal sso feel free to contact us
todd kissner
  • Email: todd.kissner@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 817 565 6236
  • Website: kissnerexotics.com
  • Address: 1901 poe prairie rd
    millsap tx
  • moose for sale
Neil Ranch
  • Email: neilranch@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 512-718-0482
  • Website: www.neilranch.com
  • Trophy Rams & Breeding Ewes
    Barbados, Texas Dall, Rambouillet, Suffolk, Dorper, 4 horn & 3 horn rams. Mature Boer Billys, Wild Hogs,
Carolyn Ficklin
  • Email: camelsonthecreek@gmail.com
  • Phone: 254-744-9632
  • Address: Valley Mills
  • Dromedary camels
    Ringtail Lemurs
Wade Steffen
  • Email: wade.steffen@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 815-355-9610
  • Several buffalo cows and calves for sale, 200 trophy rams all sizes and colors.
Mrs. Gardner
  • Email: Beaumont.Exotics@gmail.com
  • Phone: (409) 998-6750
  • Website: http://www.beaumontexoticpetservices.org/
  • Address: Beaumont, Texas 77701
  • Beaumont Exotics is Vet. Inspected, Texas Parks & Wildlife Permitted, USDA Licensed and State Registered. We have several programs and offer many exotic pet services: Rescue and Adoptions, Rehabilitation & Re-homing, Hurricane Evacuation Assistance, Educational Programs, Birthday Parties, Grooming and Board For Exotic Pets, Micro-chip Monitoring, Licensed Reputable Breeders and Low Cost Veterinary Visits.
    Primates, Kinkajou, Coatimundi, Genet, Prairie Dog, Hedgehog, Tenrec, Opossums, Squirrels, Chipmunks, Sugar Gliders, Exotic Felines, African Cusimanse, Parrots, Tortoises, and a wide variety of Reptiles!

    See Beaumont Exotics on Facebook!
Richard Taylor
  • Email: richardtaylor777@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 325-372-8501
  • Address: P.O. Box 31 Richland Springs TX 76871
  • camels,zebra,grevy zebra,Watusi,Water Buffalo,Buffalo,Yak,Black Buck,Axis,Fallow,Oryx,Adax,Gemsbock,Ibex
Chris Dieter
  • Email: crocodileencounter@gmail.com
  • Phone: 281.595.2232
  • Website: www.crocodileencounter.com
  • Zoological facility that maintains Nile crocodiles, Saltwater crocodiles,Siamese, crocodiles, and both species of alligator. Various turtles and tortoises. Also breeder of high quality Common Eland.
Noisy Acres Exotic Farm
  • Email: wnance@noisy-acres.com
  • Phone: 903-495-3762
  • Website: www.noisy-acres.com
  • Address: Blossom,Tx
  • Grants Zebra,Dromedary Camels,Ringtail Lemurs,Red Kangaroo,Blackbuck,Axis,Fallow,Sika,Muntjac deer,Teacup pigs,Miniature horses,donkeys, and cows,Addax,Nubian Ibex,Aoudad,Oryx and all kinds of exotic ducks,geese,peacocks,pheasants,and swans.
Mary Young
  • Email: cymdy1@peoplepc.com
  • Phone: 9725633970
  • Website: yuongwolvesgaloure@peoplepc.com
  • Address: 14093 FM 2728 N Terrell,Tx 75161
  • timber.artic.yukon.wolfpups expecting litters. end of jan. or first of feb. 2012. taking deposets on pups.
Steven Searcey
  • Email: pecancrossingranch@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 512-897-2711
  • Website: http://www.pecancrossingranch.com
  • Address: 6101 County Road 208
    Lampasas, Texas 76550
  • Breeding program for Nubain Ibex, Scimitar Oryx, Red Lechwe, Axis Deer and Sika Deer
Steve Provost
  • Email:
  • Phone: (512)826-2413
  • Website: none
  • Address: 111 Sky J Ranch Ave

    Harper, TX 78631
  • Macropods- Kangaroos (Reds & Greys), Bennet Wallabies (whites & browns), Wallaroos, Dama Wallabies.

    Exotic hoofstock tame and bottle fed.

    Kudu, gazelle, zebra, camels, nilgai, etc.

    Zoological Birds and mammals.

    Primates & prosimians

    Cranes, swans, rare waterfowl.

    USDA Licenced
Barry Haatvedt
  • Email: barrymrbcwolf@aol.com
  • Phone: 903930-9731
  • Website: Wolfzone1.com
  • Tundra wolves, Alaskan Interior wolves
Barry Haatvedt
  • Email: barrymrbcwolf@aol.com
  • Phone: 9039309731
  • Website: Wolfzone1.com
  • High content Alaskan interior wolf, british columbians wolf, Alaskan Tundra wolf pups for sale in spring.
  • Email: Michelle@MiniSExotics.com
  • Phone: 817-992-1253
  • Website: minisexotics.com
  • I have a variety of exotics that include: Himalayan, Napoleon, and Munchkin cats. Kinkajous, Common Cotton-top Marmosets, Cotton-top Tamarins, and Bush Babies.
  • Email: info@wolves-usa.com
  • Phone: 806-938-2612
  • Website: http://www.wolves-usa.com/
  • "Wolf Pups" High Content, tceleSivly Bread for Apperence and Temperment . Bottle fed , great for education and film.
    For Pics & Info call 806-938-2612
Michelle Smith
  • Email: MiniSExotics@gmail.com
  • Phone:
  • Address: Bedford, 76021
  • Mini S Exotics prides ourselves in providing happy, healthy exotics to good homes! We breed a variety of small exotics including Squirrel Monkeys, Marmosets, Tamarins, Bushbabies, and Kinkajous. We are also a TICA registered cattery that breeds Munchkin Cats and Ocicats. Mini S Exotics is USDA licensed and has over a decade of experience!

    Please e-mail for more information and we will be happy to assist you!
Janice Castleberry
  • Email: janice@castleberrysafariltd.com
  • Phone: 512-639-4087
  • Website: www.castleberrysafariltd.com
  • Address: Lampasas, Texas
  • USDA Licensed breeder of quality animals including: Red Kangaroo, Ringtail Lemur, Coatimundi, Kinkajou, Genets, Rabbits, Exotic Birds, Zebra, and Misc African Hoofstock. Animals sold for pets and/or breeder stock. Please contact us today! Visitors are welcome at the ranch!!!
Kangaroo Kate
  • Email: kangarookate@live.com
  • Phone: 214-641-1190
  • Website: www.aircanopy.net/~kangarookate
  • Address: Red Oak
  • I am a Breeder of Bennett Wallabies
    All of my mob are hand raised by me
    and social.
Justin Dildy - damesta@earthlink.net
  • Email: damesta@earthlink.net
  • Phone:
  • Address: Houston
  • Capybara and Patagonian Cavy
Scott Gray
  • Email: dsgray@sbcglobal.net
  • Phone: 281-890-3696
  • Website: www.g2exotics.com
  • Address: Houston, Tx
  • G2 Exotics is located in the beautiful Texas hill country. We ranch raise Iranian Red Sheep, Blackbuck Antelope, and Axis deer for stocking purposes! Check out our website to see the animals and e-mail us for more information.
  • Phone: 281 337 4815
Kapiyva Exotics
  • Email: kapiyvaexotics@gmail.com
  • Phone:
  • Website: http://www.KapiyvaExotics.com/
  • Address: Houston
  • We are a USDA licensed facility specializing in capybara and patagonian cavy.
Tony Melvin
  • Email: damae_pxpcco@ihug.co.nz
  • Phone: 0064 27 6194023
  • Address: 8A Tihi Rd,Springfield
    Rotorua,New Zealand
  • We are Exporters of Dama and Bennett wallabies from New Zealand
Jeremy Phillippe
  • Email: jeremyphillippe@mac.com
  • Phone: 830-741-0556
  • Website: www.eljefewhitetails.com
  • We specialize in breeding large typical whitetail deer and also any exotic hoofstock. Blackbuck, axis, fallow, oryx, sheep, african hoofstock, and more. Call for availablitily!
Casey McGlaun
  • Email: cmcglaun@hotmail.com
  • Phone: 940-329-8641
  • Website: www.hilonesomemouflon.com
  • Address: 229 Lakota Lane
    Palo Potni, Texas
  • We raise and sell Pure European Mouflon Sheep along with Blackbuck Antelope and Sika Deer, visit our website and/or give us a call
Jody J Pierce
  • Email: pierceenergy@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 9366793590
  • Address: 155207 N FM 95
    Nacogdoches,TX 75961
  • Black Buck/Bongo/Axis
Robert and Blake Cheek
  • Email: cheek2134@aol.com
  • Phone: 409-782-1747
  • Address: 4171 hwy 1131
    Vidor Texas
  • We raise Axis,Fallow and Sika several are bottle babies or if none are available and a bottle baby is what you want we can bottle raise some. Our deer are out of world class stock. If we don't have just what you are looking we most likley can find it,send us an e-mail with your needs.
    Shooters,Stockers and does available.

    Robert and Blake Cheek
Caveman Whitetails and Wildlife
  • Email: lance@senderosports.com
  • Phone: 512-773-7070
  • Website: available soon
  • Pure Transcaspian Urials, blackbuck, Aoudad, fallow, pure Mouflon, 500" genetic Red Stag and R.M. Elk, Nubian Ibex, High End Whitetails (Gladiator, Max and Maxbo line, Redoy line and More), Axis, more.
Caveman Whitetails and Wildlife
  • Email: lance@senderosports.com
  • Phone: 512-773-7070
  • Website: available soon
  • Address: 4200 S. IH 35
    Georgetown, tx 78738
  • Pure Transcaspian Urials, blackbuck, Aoudad, fallow, pure Mouflon, 500" genetic Red Stag and R.M. Elk, Nubian Ibex, High End Whitetails (Gladiator, Max and Maxbo line, Redoy line and More), Axis, more.
Larry Munchrath
  • Email: lmunchrath@netzero.com
  • Phone: 903-887-6378
  • Website: www.munchranch.com
  • Address: Eustace, TX
  • Alpaca, Serval, Russian Siberian Cats (domestic hypoallergenic cats), wallabies, Australian birds, miniature cows, (Zebu)
Carlos Chapa III
  • Email:
  • Phone: 830-370-9323
  • Axis-Blackbuck-Aoudad-Scimitar-horned oryx-Addax-Gemsbok-Kudu-Thomson gazelle-Zebra-Dama gazelle-Eland-Blesbok-Wildebeast-Impala-Waterbuck-Nyala-Nubian ibex (pure)-Hog deer-Warthog-Sable-Arabian oryx-Red deer-Sika-Fallow Capture&Transport available
Charlene Harrison
  • Email: bluemoonwolfster@gmail.com
  • Phone: 1-469-464-6863
  • Website: http://thornlandwolfdogs.zoomshare.com/
  • Address: Kaufman, Texas
  • We are accepting deposits on a litter of true high content wolfdog puppies exspected in April 2011.
    These are high quality animals with verified lineage.
    Pups will be socialized and bottle fed.
    Exspecting mostly backs and possible greys.

    Contact bluemoonwolfster@gma­il.com if interested


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