Tennessee Exotic Animal Breeders

Lentz Exotic Pets
  • Contact: Brian & Jessica Lentz
  • Email: lentzexoticpets@gmail.com
  • Phone: 9317972310
  • Website: https://lentz-exotic-pets.square.site/?
  • Address: Columbia
  • We have ringnecks, macaws, cockatoos, Conures, Raccoon, Arctic fox, gray fox, red/silver fox, Fennec fox, Ring tail lemurs, ruffed lemurs, mountain coatimundi, Bobcats, Wolf hybrids, Virgina Opossums. Check us out on fb Lentz Exotic pets
Cross Creek Monkeez
  • Contact: Eric Wilson
  • Email: eric1053@bellsouth.net
  • Phone: 4235445045
  • Address: 895 Blue Springs Church Road
  • capuchins, owl monkeys, squirrel monkeys, lemurs and kinkajous currently. also USDA licensed to broker so you never know what may be available.
Katrina's Rabbitry
  • Contact: Katrina Roach
  • Email: trinaroach13@gmail.com
  • Phone: 3153992984
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/katrinasrabbitry
  • Address: Hinchey Hollow Road
  • I raise & breed English Lops, VM Holland Lops, Continental/Flemish Giants at my home here in Tennessee. Hand raised with full pedigrees. I am a very small rabbitry with all hand raised babies.
Frazier Farms Exotics
  • Contact: Frazier Farms Exotics
  • Email: frazierfarms.exotics@gmail.com
  • Phone: 423-237-5885
  • Website: https://www.frazierfarmsexotics.com/
  • Address: Bybee
  • USDA and TWRA state licensed breeders of pet and ambassador animals. Bobcats, Canada Lynx, Eurasian Lynx, Carpathian Lynx, Sand Cats, Serval, Mainecoon, Lemurs, Foxes, Raccoons, American Badgers, Pine Marten, Porcupines, Capybara, Cavy, exotic Cattle, etc
Razim velich
  • Email: rvelic1977@gmail.com
  • Phone: 7314348022
  • Address: 8254 West Hwy 57
  • Small farm we breed , blue eyes minature Nigerian goat's, fallow dear, European muflon Shee, African audad sheep a
Angela Peterson
  • Email: Angelapeterson2014@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 6156847891
  • Website: Www.f1savannahkitten.com
  • Address: Outside of Nashville,TN
  • F1 and F2 Savannah kittens
Mid South Savannahs
  • Email: gennyfh@netscape.net
  • Phone: 901-553-5042
  • Website: www.midsouthsavannahs.com
  • Address: Somerville
  • Savannah F1-F6
    African Servals
Michael Frazier
  • Email: fraz8768@bellsouth.net
  • Phone: 423-237-5885
  • Website: www.frazierfarmssharpei.com
  • Address: 2453 Howard Road
    Bybee, TN 37713
  • USDA and TWRA licensed for Raccoon, Bobcat, Red Fox, Gray Fox, Arctic Fox, Groundhog, Gray Squirrel, Black Squirrel, Lemurs, High Content Wolfdogs, Canadian Lynx, Eurasian Lynx, Carpathian Lynx, Coyote, and many more species.
Kari Bryan
  • Email: Smokymountainchinchillavilla@gmail.com
  • Phone: 865-363-2018
  • Website: www.facebook.com/smokymountainchinchillavilla
  • I Am a quality breeder of chinchillas, I work with many mutations but to name a few: Goldbar/champagnes, Violets, Mosaics, Ebony, Standard, Blue diamonds, etc... Please ask for a specific color you are interested in, I may have just what you need. I am a member if the MCBA and the Chinchilla Breeder's Association. I pride myself in producing quality chinchillas with outstanding health, features, and temperament. All babies are handled and hand fed in additional to all breeders are of the best lines and very easy to handle. Please contact for upcoming litters.
Tanya Crane
  • Email: tanyaluvslarry@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 9014895485
  • Savannah cats
Kari Bryan
  • Email: smokymountainchinchillavilla@gmail.com
  • Phone: 865-363-2018
  • I am a hobby Breeder of show quality Chinchillas which include: whites, beiges, tans, greys, Ebonies, Violets, Sapphires, Black Velvets, Goldbars, Blue Diamonds, Afro Violets, mosaics, as well as standard carriers... We pride ourselves in meeting the MCBA and ECBA standards of quality animals, so please contact today to add to your breeding herd or for a family pet!!!
  • Email: wolfina64@gmail.com
  • Phone: 4237210379
  • Website: wildanimalworld.com
  • We raise Marmosets, Lemurs Capuchins ,Grivets, Guenons, javas, ect. We sell everything from Alligators to Zebra Call us we can get you what you need.
Eleanor Sferle
  • Email: tennhedgehog@gmail.com
  • Phone: 6156884773
  • Website: www.tenneseehedgehogs.com
  • Hedgehog
patrick clancy
  • Email: patrick@junglehabitat.org
  • Phone: 631-721-8851
  • Website: www.junglehabitat.org
  • Coatimundi, monkeys, lemurs,etc..
rise mikolajewski
  • Phone: 931-378-0949
  • Website: Sadiespets.com
  • Address: Clarksville Tenn
  • Specializing in breeding F1 Savannah kittens. Have been breeding since the mid 90s.TICA registered and kittens raised in our home. Breeding for health and temperament and striving to breed as close to the serval as possible. Check us out at sadiespets.com or visit us on face book sadies savannahs
Skylar Mathis
  • Email: Crazyhedgeboy@aol.com
  • Phone: (423)618-4231
  • Website: Overthehedgeexotics.weebly.com
  • We breed exotic animals go to our websites for more info. Tennesseehedgehog.weebly.com
Kathy Woodson
  • Email: sugarglidersrus@aol.com
  • Phone: 615.631.9819 or 615.522.2171
  • Website: www.sugarglidersrus.com
  • I am a quality breeder of sugar gliders. I have been raising outstanding babies for over 15 years. I breed for health, temperament and color. I have standard grey, white face, mosaic, leucistic, crème-ino and more. All of our babies are handled / loved to make them easier to handle. Please call me for more information at 615-631-9819 or check out my website at sugarglidersrus@aol.com.
S J Gliders
  • Email: acook1021@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 615-669-JOEY
  • Website: www.marsupialmadness.com
  • Address: North Nashville
  • We breed for Mosaic, Leucistic, Creme-ino, white face & standard grey Sugar Gliders.
  • Email: lostnspace50@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 423 384 7528
  • Address: church hill
  • Monkeys and Hedgehogs
Donna Mims
  • Email: glidermomexotics@hotmail.com
  • Phone: 931-636-3420
  • Website: www.glidermomexotics.net
  • Address: 1750 Decherd Blvd.
    Decherd, Tn
  • I was a hobby breeder for 7 years and have now expanded to opening my own petstore opening soon.

Donna Mims
  • Email: glidermomexotics@hotmail.com
  • Phone: 931-691-7779
  • Website: www.glidermomexotics.net
  • Address: 232 Post Oak Rd.
    Bevidere, Tn 37306
  • Breeder of small exotic animals such as hedgehogs, sugar gliders, shortail oppossums,marmocet monkeys,kinkajous, coatimundi.
gregory bivens
  • Email: gregbivens47@yahoo.om
  • Phone: 865-607-8595
  • Website: coming soon
  • Address: 2203 amherst rd
  • I breed hedgehogs four eyed possums and more

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