West Virginia Exotic Animal Breeders

FinePrintBengal Cattery
  • Contact: Caroline Stephens
  • Email: fineprintbengalswv@outlook.com
  • Phone: Contact email first
  • Website: Fineprintbengals.com
  • Address: Charleston, West Virginia
  • Bengal kittens with large, vivid rosettes. I breed brown/black rosetted only.
April Jackson
  • Email: Jackson.brianapril@gmail.com
  • Phone: 304-389-6292
  • Website: www.cuddlysuggies.webs.com
  • Address: Buffalo
  • I breed wonderful lineaged Sugar Gliders. I have mosaics, leucistic, platinum, tpm, Cremino, whiteface, grey. I get all different colors depending on the pairs.
  • Email: evil77mc.elza@gmail.com
  • Phone: ..Chris..304-942-2331...ROB..304-617-3408
  • Address: southern West By God Virginia
  • Full blooded Buffalo wolves..1st we have "Wolf"... he will be 9yrs in Aug....2nd..We have Geronimo he will be 3yrs old in July.... Geronimo is the son of wolf ....the mother has siñce pasted away.... we would like to entertain offers for stud service.....
Stanley Kinder
  • Email: kinderstanley@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 304-565-3335
  • Website: na
  • Address: 389 Tariff Rd
    Left Hand, WV 25251
  • Mouflon and a few mouflon cross sheep. Several trophy size rams (25" to 28"). Will sale a started flock or individual animals.
Tyler Borror
  • Email: Tylerwhitney07@aol.com
  • Phone: 3049024687
  • Website: Southforkexotics.com
  • Address: Moorefield WV 26836
  • Largest USDA Licensed hedgehog breeder in wv. Coatis. Kinkajous. Peafowl. Prairie dogs. Bengal Cats. Emu. Mute swans.

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