Wisconsin Exotic Animal Breeders

Shays Exotic Cats LLC
  • Contact: Shaylee mcguire
  • Email: shayleejay11@gmail.com
  • Phone: 2628089924
  • Website: https://www.shaysexoticcatsllc.com/
  • Breeder of bengal cats
Rex Ranch Exotics
  • Contact: Rex Ranch Exotics
  • Email: Domotiger@gmail.com
  • Phone: 4149150662
  • We are Licensed brokers of Large exotic predators such as Brown Bear, Tigers, Ligers, and Hyena.
PAWS-atively PURR-fect
  • Contact: Tanya
  • Email: tanyaswolfdogs@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 9208657297
  • Address: 6235 Main st
  • Wolf hybrids, foxes amd skunks
Lisa Pretsch
  • Email: Prairielandhedgehogs@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 6087533020
  • Website: Www.prairielandhedgehogs.com
  • Address: Arena,WI
  • I breed Guinea pigs, hedgehogs, many different kinds of hamsters,gerbils,mice,rats,degus
Danette Vincenti
  • Email: danette@animalgardens.com
  • Phone: 262-203-6048
  • Website: Animalgardens.com
  • Address: 5065 State Road 50 Delavan, WI 53115
  • Take deposits on Spring babies. Siberian Lynx and Bobcats. Call Danette at 262-203-6048 USDA license required.
Lindsay Mahoney
  • Email: tyedyeacres@aol.com
  • Phone: 9202166045
  • Website: www.tyedyeacres.com
  • Address: Pickett, WI.
  • MGR registered fainting goats in all colors, blue eyes, and polled. Harlequin rabbits and Cuckoo Maran chickens.
marilyn nate
  • Email: reedsville7@msn.com
  • Phone: 920-754-4640
  • Website: http//ustruecoloralpacafarmwi.webs.com
  • Address: 15832 reif mills road, reedsville wi
  • I raise both kinds of alpacas, prices starting at $500 and up. all colors, raw fleece for weavers and spinners as well, more info contact me
  • Email: rachhaslett@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 9203279893
  • Website: www.facebook.com/animalhoarders
  • Hedgehogs and Sugar Gliders. Check out our facebook or call/text me at (920) 327-9893
Noodle Back Hedgehogs
  • Email: noodlebackhedgehogs@gmail.com
  • Phone: 608-322-6282
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Noodle-Back-Hedgeho
  • We are a family dedicated to doing what we love best, keeping and ethically breeding hedgehogs. Please call or e-mail if you have any questions.
Deb Hendrickson
  • Email: bobcat@mwt.net
  • Phone: 608-629-5633
  • Website: bobcat-lynx.com
  • Northwestern bobcats and Canadian Lynx and Wolf hybrids
doublek-w ostrich & exotic animal
  • Email: wayneo-lamersbus@live.com
  • Phone: 920-847-3202
  • Address: 1928 west harbor road washington Island, wisc
  • we are an ostrich/exotic animal farm. We have a bear, camels, mini-donkeys, water buffalo, zebra, kangaroo, icelandic sheep and horses, and rehab just about anything(no reptiles)
marilyn nate
  • Email: reedsville7@msn.com
  • Phone: 920-754-4640
  • Website: http://ustruecoloralpacafarmwi.webs.com
  • Address: 15832 reif ills rd
  • alpacas, lionhead , Holland lop and lionlop bunnies, willing to trade alpacas for a young friendly camel of any sex
Mariah Phillips
  • Email:
  • Phone: 16084741624
  • Website: http://mariahsexotics.weebly.com
  • Breeder of silver, red, and cross color phased red foxes.
Robby Blair
  • Email: robshogs19@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 715-817-3335
  • Website: robshogs.tripod.com
  • I breed and sell hedgehogs. Hedgehog babies available year round. Male is a reverse salt and pepper potni, females are a salt and pepper potni and a cinnicot slight potni.
Brian Bazille
  • Email: bbhiddenranch@hotmail.com
  • Phone: 715-377-8090
  • Website: http://www.hoofweb.com/bb/index.html
  • Offering grants zebras for sale that are both bottle-raised and mother-raised. Young zebras as well as some adults for sale. Also registered miniature donkeys from top bloodlines.
Steve Pulera
  • Email: steve@realreindeer.com
  • Phone: 262-515-0510
  • Website: www.realreindeer.com
  • Address: 6109 85th Street
    Pleasant Prairie,WI 53158
  • We specialize in raising and breeding halter broke, friendly reindeer. Along with reindeer, we also raise fainting goats, and miniature donkeys, llamas, and nilgai.

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