Minnesota Exotic Animal Breeders

Otsego Hedgehogs
  • Contact: Otsego Hedgehogs
  • Email: otsegohedgehogs@gmail.com
  • Phone: 952-261-8829
  • Website: OtsegoHedgehogs.com
  • Address: 1332 Jansen Ave SE Hanover, MN 55313
  • We offer the largest selection of baby hedgehogs! We have a full store that includes habitats, wheels, litter boxes, bedding, igloo's, travel bags and much more.
Robert Creek Flying Squirrel Ranch
  • Contact: Michael Albrecht
  • Email: glider-man@hotmail.com
  • Phone: 9522179062
  • Address: 400 East Prairie Street
  • Breeding Southern Flying Squirrels since 1984
Kevin Bakken
  • Email: dobermans1@live.com
  • Phone: 5072137669
  • Address: 5209 520th St.
  • Bobcat kittens
    Marble Arctic Fox
Candy Lee
  • Email: starsandspots@msn.com
  • Phone: 320-291-9738
  • Website: Atouchofgoldbengals.com
  • Address: 8784 130th st
    Milaca, MN 56353
  • Bengal cats
Micah Nelson
  • Email: Elitemainecoons@aol.com
  • Phone: 7633003110
  • Website: Www.elitemainecoons.weebly.com
  • Imported pure Russian and Polish European Maine coon kittens
    Tica and wcf registered
    Hcm and sma negative
Micah Nelson
  • Email: Sksugargliders@aol.com
  • Phone: 7633003110
  • Website: Www.sksugargliders.com
  • High quality lineaged sugar gliders
    All colors available!
Tianna Nelson
  • Email: sksugargliders@aol.com
  • Phone: 7633003110
  • Website: www.sksugargliders.com
  • Minnesotas best reviewed Sugar Glider breeder. 10 years of breeding. We have a 100% satisfaction with adoptions. I breed every sugar glider color and offer the best quality breeding & pet gliders around. Adopt your next pet with us and get a sweet loveable healthy pet. We do ship. We do have discounts on pet & multiple glider adoptions. Find us on Facebook Silver Knight Sugar Gliders.
Brandi C.
  • Email: hoppinaroundhollands@yahoo.com
  • Phone: 507-227-8317
  • We raise show and pet quality holland lops. Our Hollands are pedigreed. We do have a couple litters of holland/lion crosses available for pets occasionally too. Our babies are raised in the house, handled by all age groups, and will be started on litter box training. Contact me for more information, or to be added to our waiting list.
terri stein
  • Email: terrispettingzoo@gmail.com
  • Phone: 612-242-5292
  • Website: www.terrispettingzoo.com
  • USDA licensed breeder of hedgehogs,sugar gliders & soon other exotics!
    Find us on face book Terrispettingzoo
    to see videos of available babies.
  • Email: sarlender82@hotmail.com
  • Phone: 9522373048
  • Website: www.sarahs-sugar-shack
  • I am a small sugar glider breeder. I breed mostly for ringtail mosaics and Leucistic but also get normal gray Joeys from time to time. These creatures are some of the most amazing pets I've ever owned. Given time and proper bonding these amazing animals will quickly call you their bestfriend.
  • Email: Mnkinkajous@gmail.com
  • Phone:
  • I breed home raised kinkajous for pets, pettingzoo programs and wild life educational programs.
    My babys are bottle feed and harness trained
    Small breeder
    Prices include shipping and vet check

    Males $2100
    Females $2500

    E-mail for local pick up pricing

    Will do a $300 rebate if you provide proof of nuter or spay

    My kinkajous are feed a well balanced diet of beneficial dog food mixed with fresh fruits and veggies, monkey biscuit, bottled water, gummy vitamins, and on a 90 day worm medicine schedule
Robert Harlan
  • Email: rlharlan@live.com
  • Phone: 763-607-2063
  • Website: www.HarlanaAnatomical.com
  • Address: 7456 Basswood lane
    Greenfield MN 55373
  • We prepare skulls and skeletons mostly for educational purposes and ONLY work on deceased animals. We do not obtain live specimens. We may be interested in paying for any of your animals that have passed away.
Jean Buehl
  • Email: jeanbuehl@gmail.com
  • Phone: (952) 472-8088
  • Address: 400 E Forest St.
  • Wholesale Birds & Small Animals(Pocket Pets)

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